Eye Candy Friday: Josh Duhamel.

19 05 2006

Josh Duhamel

It was only a matter of time before my attention centered back onto this hunk of sexy flesh. I haven’t watched his show, Las Vegas all season but I did catch the season finale last week and thought to myself that Danny McCoy was looking mighty good AND I can’t believe it…Danny is in love with Dellinda? What the heck happened to him and Mary? I enjoyed the season finale of Las Vegas immensely. I mean, that show really is hottie packed, you’ve got yummy Dean Cain on there as Sam’s ex husband who is romancing Danny’s ex lover girl, Mary and then there’s Jerry O’Connell who is romancing and fighting with Dean Cain’s ex wife, Sam. Then you’ve got Dellinda’s fiance’, Derek who is Johnny from Summerland, oh gosh I’ve missed seeing Johnny on the small screen, he’s such a hottie, but Derek’s fiance’ Dellinda…is actually in love with, you guessed it, Danny McCoy.

And what’s not to love??? Check him out…




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