Yard Work Can Suck My Big Toe…

22 05 2006

…I hate that crap.

This weekend, we did a lot of working around the house, putting up the new fence in the backyard, waterproofing the hell out of it and then moving the shed over to the other side of the backyard to make room for the hot tub, which meant that we had to unload all the hot damn crap that IN the shed, store it on the side of the backyard, move the big bloody thing to the opposite of the backyard and then, AND THEN we had to put everything BACK into the shed all over again.

Talk about WORK.

I thought I had two days OFF of work, but the stuff needed to get done so that we can have a big summer party on June 3rd.

It also gave us time to bond together as a family, which was nothing but good times. I laughed a lot, made my family laugh a lot and we just had a blast fixing up the house.

But seriously though, whoever works in the garden, pulling weeds and planting flowers and coming into contact with all those bugs and what not, EWWWWWWW, what is wrong with you?….I’m such a girly girl when it comes to those kinds of things because my nephew threw a snail at me and I swear I was about to rip his head off….to recall the instant my arm came into contact with that slimy little creature, makes me want to puke my brains out.

I swear, Gracie girl could probably hear my screams from where she is in Australia, I was so loud. I swear, my neighbors came out to see if I was alright, I was so loud.

After I cleaned up my weed mess, I ran the hell out of that yard and was done for the day. We worked from 10 in the morning to 5 in the evening, by then I was tired out of my mind and didn’t want to do anything else, so I lounged around, read some and then played a bit online, did the same thing today without all of the yard work.

What did you guys do this weekend?




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