Because I’m Such a Winner..

30 05 2006

….I watched the entire second season of Laguna Beach this weekend. Every single episode that came on last season, I watched them all and laughed myself silly when LC said her stupid remark about the South Coast (you have to watch it to know what I’m talking about) and got peeved at Jessica for being such a dumb idiot where Jason was concerned. It annoyed me during the season, but this time around I wanted to bitch slap her for her stupidity. Gosh, she was such a dumb ass when it came to that boy.

Jason was a cutie patootie but I’m so over him because he was ‘bad boy’ and I guess that’s where the appeal came from, but still…he wasn’t ALL that, not for everyone in damn Laguna to be fighting over him.

One thing I WASN’T over was frickin’ Alex M. She got on my hot damn nerves during the season but oh gosh I hated her even more this time around because the whole Jessica/Jason/Alex thing was just….stupid. I mean, seriously? She gets mad at Jessica for snatching her boyfriend away from her, but she did the same thing? You just don’t go out with your friends ex boyfriends, it’s WRONG…she assumed that Jessica was over it? Come on now, you idiot, Jessica made an idiot out of herself over this guy and you thought she was over him so you slid in and took him off her hands? Yeah right, you’re a stupid bitch if you think that…what an ass wipe! Another I can’t get over is why everyone thinks that Alex can sing, because my deaf tone daughter can sing better than her. I mean seriously? She’s got a myspace music page like she’s just the bomb diggity and I’m just not seeing it. She seriously needs to get over herself.

One good thing that I’m looking forward to is The Hills. It’s LC’s new show about her life in L.A. and her internship at Teen Vogue and stuff like that…I’m an LC fan, I know, I know…it’s lame but I think LC is such a cutie. She’s sweet and even though she got the shaft from Stephen and then that messed up relationship with Jason, I think she handled the whole Jason thing marvelously and can’t wait to see what has become of these two since it’s evident that Jason is still in her life from the clips of The Hills. It premieres tomorrow night so that should be interesting!

Woo hoo…my guilty pleasures are back! hehe…




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