Hot Guy Nightmares!

31 05 2006

Oh gosh, funny things have been happening to me lately, because yesterday on my way home from work, I was driving along, blaring my UB40’s Greatest Hits when I stopped at a stop light and looked over to find a really hot guy that reminded me of Josh Duhamel (shhh Ames, he was hot this guy!), he was bobbin’ his head to whatever music he was listening to. He had broad shoulders, a strong back and a pretty boy face, I’m talking he was heaven on the eyes he was so hot.

Well anyway, we get to another stop light and he pulls into the parking lot for Starbucks and parks close to the street and since I was still at the stop light, I was totally checking him out, my window was down and I was just two lanes over so I had a GREAT view of him.

He parks the car and then opens his door and gets out.

And I flinched back because the guy had some ‘short pants’ on with get this….CLOGS. I’m not talking those wooden ones that you use to dance with, I’m talkin’ straight up black clogs with the wrap around chain thing with a buckle. THAT kind of clog.

THIS kind of clogs:

Umm, WHAT THE HELL? Those shoes were made for girls. It totally ruined my day that I called Holly to complain to her. He totally ruined my whole checking out routine by getting out of the damn car. What manly man would walk around wearing those? I mean seriously…the wrap around strap that ends with a buckle? AND it had a heel….I’m telling you guys it was wrong…totally wrong, you just don’t do that, you don’t have such a nice face and nice shoulders and great everything and then get out of the car wearing flippin’ CLOGS, it just aint right.


Maybe THAT’S why I stayed up until 4 o’clock this morning, I swear I had visions of clogs running through my head all night and I just want it to go away!






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