Eye Candy Friday: Kuno Becker.

30 06 2006

Kuno Becker
Okay so he’s not a real soccer player, but he plays one in Goal and while I really enjoyed the movie, I have since come to realize that you wouldn’t enjoy the movie if you’re not a soccer fan, because it really does detail his struggle to make it big in the football world in England. So yeah, though my brother wants to see the movie now, because I liked it and he watched some other England movie, I don’t think he’d like it, because he doesn’t share the same passion for soccer that I do, so I’m trying to dissuade him from seeing it, to no avail though…he says he likes soccer just fine, LOL…whatever. But anyway, because my brother and I were talking about this movie, me and Jess were reminiscing about how hot Kuno was in Goal! The Dream Begins, so she told me to make him my Eye Candy Friday pick…so that’s why he’s the pick of the week…it was a trial trying to find some naked pics of him, a big trial because I still haven’t found any good ones, so you guys will be in short supply of those kind of pics, but Jess says to let you guys know that YES, Kuno is fine…take her word for it. So there you go folks….

Some Soccer flicks…

Until next week ladies…Enjoy.


Dear ADT Systems,

29 06 2006

Hi, My name is Dylan and I work in the office building across from you guys in the parking lot. I am writing this letter because when I first started working here at my job, whenever I used to come out into the parking lot after work and on my lunch hour, I would see at LEAST 5 hot guys standing around outside their nifty ADT mini vans, shooting the breeze. It used to be a highlight of my day. I always loved to walk out, on my way home from a hard day’s work with great eye candy to oogle from a short distance away. You guys were always supplying me with such great eye candy and I used to love to see those hot guys with their broad shoulders, and buzzed head and dirty hands, laughing and joking around with their other hottie co workers. I used to hear them too, they had such deep voices and muscular arms that made me melt from my perch in my car as I passed them by. My co workers and I used to joke around that maybe it was a requirement for ADT workers to be so good looking because, I really couldn’t find an ugly ADT Employee in the parking lot.

Until now.

I’ve noticed in the last 4 months that I have not seen ONE hottie ADT worker, chit chattin’ in the parking lot anymore, might I inquire where you’ve sent them? For the past two weeks, I have walked outside, my eyes drifting toward your side of the parking lot and though I’ve noticed that there are still some ADT workers lounging around outside, NONE, I repeat, NONE of them are hot, mostly their older guys who are either married or balding or have sweat stains on their work shirts and I assure you, that is not hot…what have you done with my hotties, ADT Security Systems?

You are starting to take one of my gleeful pleasures out of coming to work, why would you do such a thing? I really hope that sometime soon, you’ll bring the hotties back because I see that you’ve bought out the top floor of the building you’re in right now, I see all of the moving trucks with all the office furniture and what not and word around the office building and cafeteria (since we share the cafeteria) is that you guys bought the top floor of the building you’re in and will be making that building the ADT Headquarters, please tell me that you’re not chasing away all of your hottie workers to bring in all the Admins and the old men that sit at the top of the chain at ADT, I would really hate for you to be responsible for making me insane enough to go shoot you guys up for chasing away all of my hottie eye candy…please fix this, please bring back the hotties, I beg of you…

Please, like home dude said in Grease 2…Please do it for your country, the red, white and the blue…or better yet, do it for me, because you don’t want me to get Samoan ghetto up on your asses!

Thanks for your time, see you around the parking lot….


A Very Special Birthday Wish…

28 06 2006

…to my niece Makenna who turned 7 today.

Today is Makenna’s special day and because it’s her special day, she got to choose whatever it is she wanted to do on her birthday. She got to invite some of her friends over to do whatever it is she wanted to do and you know what she wanted to do?

She wanted to have a HOTEL PARTY!

Oh Mylanta! The things these kids are into these days. And of course, my sister let her have it since we didn’t do much for her birthday last year, so today my baby girl Brenna is hanging out by the poolside with the birthday girl and their other best friend, Cheridan. I just got a call from them and they want me to leave work early to come over and be with them, so I’m really tempted….=)

Here’s a picture of the birthday girl:

And a picture of my angels, my daughter is on the far right.

Happy Birthday Kenna girl!

All my love,
Aunty Wena


27 06 2006

It is SO hot today!

When my sister and I left from work today, we walked out of the office building into sweltering heat that was just icky and yucky and everything bad. It was hot, there was no kind of breeze and I was sweating in places I didn’t even know I had. It was gross, it was 95 degrees in the car when we got in there and the closer we got the the house, the higher the tempature climbed, YUCK!

How hot is it in your neck of the woods?


26 06 2006

My Saturday morning was so hellish I could have sworn the Gods were out to get me. Two of my sisters went shopping without me, leaving me with their two kids. They were supposed to be back by 11am, so I was like, what the hell??? Well, my Dad calls me shortly after they leave and ask me to run over to his house to give my Mom her shot and to take her to the store to buy her stuff for the lumpia’s that she’s making for my sister’s, sister in law’s baby shower. I sigh because I so don’t want to go because my two nieces, Chloe and Chelsea spent the night at my brother’s house so I can’t leave the kids home with them and take my Mom, I have to take all of the kids with me.

What a nightmare that was.

For something that should have only taken an hour at the most, it took us frickin’ 3. The kids were running all over the place, the little one, Chase was opening everything in the store and I had the baby, Kainoa with me as well. Trust me when I say that it was straight up hellish. By the time I got home, which was around noonish, my sisters still weren’t back and my Mom was getting on my hot damn nerves. So on top of having the screaming kids, I had my nagging Mom with me as well.

Oh flippin’ joy.

My sister’s didn’t get home until almost 1:30pm and by the time they pulled up into the driveway, I was livid. Chase had peed on the patio floor, outside. Cheridan had dropped a jar full of marbles all over the damn living room and my Mom had me frying lumpia’s and nagging in my ear about how the oil is too hot, the lumpia’s aren’t crispy enough, nag nag nag.

My Mom had walked into the bathroom when my sister’s walked into the house. Before I can lash out at them, they threw me a bag, with the words COACH on them. I stood there gaping at the bag in front of me and I opened the bag with a quickness to find a Coach Soho signature handbag inside. I felt like a giddy schoolgirl on Christmas morning. I knew they were going shopping but I didn’t know what they were buying or where they were going. And I certainly didn’t think they were going to buy me anything, but they did and I was so happy and to show you how sweet they were, the following conversation ensued:

Me: Why did you guys buy me this? Is it real?
Sister #2: Of course, it’s real, why do you think it took us so long? We had Sister #3 on the phone transferring her money so that we can buy the dang thing for you. We each split the cost.
Me: Are you frickin’ kidding me? *all said while I’m admiring my new bag*
Sister #1: I had to put it on my credit card, because Sister #3 was taking too long with her money.
Me: How much did it cost?
Sister #1: A little more than $250.
Me: *mouth gaping wide* Why in the hell did you pay that much for a bag for me?
Sister #2: Because, after the incident with Trish and then with Kainoa breaking your phone last night, we thought you’d surely lose it, we also thought you’d enjoy this, aren’t we sweet?
Me: Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Sister #1: So can you babysit for me tomorrow night?
Me: Scowling in her direction.
Sister #1: I’m kidding, sheesh.
Me: Chase peed on the patio again, I swear that boy is demented.
Sister #2: Did Kainoa pee in his diaper? I hope so.
Me: *Rolling my eyes at her*
Sister #2: See, now you can wear your bag when you come to Loveland and we can go stake out the mall, where I always see Jeremy Bloom at.
Me: I’m all over that one.

Now, I knew she’s never seen Jeremy Bloom, EVER since living in Colorado but I wasn’t paying too much attention to her right then, I was too busy admiring my new purse, I think I was drooling a bit, but that’s to be expected from a purse loving gal like myself. A real COACH purse? OMGOSH, that’s like akin to an orgasm for me, YAHOO!

I was basking in the warmth of my new purse, that all the events of the morning vanished from my mind. I was back to being the happy go lucky, Dylan that everyone knows and loves. But then Sister #1 goes to her Sister in Law’s baby shower and takes our Mother with her, leaving me and Sister #2 (we weren’t invited) at home, just lounging around. Sister #2 was getting her stuff ready for her drive to San Diego to visit with her friend until this Wednesday when I brought up the purse again. The following conversation ensues:

Me: Let me see what you got today.
Sister #2: *while putting her laundry in her bag*, Oh yeah, let me show you. *she gets her bags out and shows me everything she bought, the purse last*
Me: OMGosh, this is so pretty. It’s a bit smaller than my purse but no less pretty, oh gosh this is so the best day.
Sister #2: I know, huh? Isn’t it cute and to think it only cost us $30.
Me: *I turn my evil eye on her* What the flip?
Sister #2: *gasps* I mean, I mean, our purse was on clearance, yours wasn’t. We paid $250 for your purse. I’m serious, *she starts laughing by now* Really, we did!
Me: You flippin’ liar.
Sister #2: *She’s laughing uproariously now.*
Me: How much was my purse?
Sister #2: *In between bouts of laughter*, $35. See? Yours WAS the most expensive one of all of ours.
Sister #2: Mine is too, but doesn’t it look so real?
Me: I hate you.
Sister #2: No you don’t.
Me: I hate you all.
Sister #2: Oh crap,

So, my sister totally killed my buzz…I was high on life for about an hour before Sister #2 rained on my parade, stupid heiffers, the whole lot of them…but LOL, you gotta love your sisters, we both had a good ol’ laugh about it all, and to be honest, I don’t even care that it’s not the real one, it would have been nice, but my purse still looks like a COACH purse, it’s still oh so cute and it looks real so I’m over it by now. But my sister had me cracking up because after we both stopped laughing and were out of breath she says,

“Oh and I should remind you, I still haven’t seen Jeremy Bloom in Loveland.”

Stupid heiffer, always dashing my dreams. LOL.

Eye Candy Friday: David Beckham, Again.

23 06 2006

David Beckham.

Yeah, yeah yeah…he’s already been an Eye Candy Friday guy, but I don’t care, this guy is the hottest guy in the World Cup right now and I can’t get enough of him…so because I have internet stalked this guy since the beginning of his career, I’ve accumulated a BUNCH of pictures of him, so here they are, be happy…hehe.

*sigh* Holy hot damn, I’m proud of myself….Enjoy.

Until next week…

My Family Is Driving Me Insane: Reason #4.

21 06 2006


I hate the ever living lights out of those things. I just absolutely hate going to these things. Why? Because you sit through two hours of boring talks and a million names being announced and you’re usually only there to see ONE person graduate, so you sit through this whole frickin’ long ass ceremony to hear ONE name being announced and because the whole thing is moving so fast, you usually miss them when they’re up there getting their diploma, totally messing up your own camera flow.

It’s so flippin’ retarded.

And then on top of everything else, the graduate is only allowed 10 tickets to pass out for family members to come inside. Okay, That’s not even enough tickets to get my immediate family, let alone all of the kids that my immediate family has. So that means that I’m going to stay up late at night making all these damn lei’s to lei the special graduate, string together a bunch of damn flowers to make a haku, which is a flower lei for your head, and take it to the graduation which I can’t even get into because you were only allowed 10 tickets to hand out. So I have to stand outside until the ceremony is done and then I have to lug around all these candy lei’s, flower lei’s and haku’s and fight my way through a crowd, all the while taking care to make sure that the lei’s and haku stay in tact before I reach the graduate.

It’s all too much work and to me, I’d much rather be at home reading a good book then fighting the crowds of people I really want to punch in their snotty face anyway.

I have two graduations to go to today and two graduation parties to go to this weekend, ick! I’m SO not looking forward to this and my family is MAKING me go, like I’m some fifteen year old kid, crap in the face!

*homegirl in the picture above is wearing a haku, I made two of those mugs, ugh! Hard work*