My Family Drives Me Insane: Reason #1

5 06 2006

I’m following in the footsteps of one of my good friends, Izzy. She’s got things that drive her nuts about her husband, well I’m making one for my family. Lately, my family has been driving me absolutely bonkers with the crap they be making me do for them. So, I’m going to start a list of things they do to drive me insane!

Starting with, Reason #1:

Jipping Me.

Is that even how you spell jip? Like stealing from me? Well whatever…Normally my family is really good about not jipping one another because only enemies would do something like that, right? Well, I found out that maybe my older sister is secretly my enemy because she jipped the hell out of me when she went to sign our kids up for soccer. You see, soccer sign ups was a few weeks ago and I was out in the yard painting the fence when it was time to leave for it, my clothes were all paint splotched so I asked her to go for me, I’ll transfer the money over to her account.

Now, she was the one that told me about soccer sign ups, I asked Brenna if she wanted to play and Brenna enthusiastically said YES MOMMY! So, what’s a mom to do but sign her kid up for soccer, right?

So anyway, my sister went gave her okay and she went to the sign ups, came back and told me that Brenna’s registration was $85, so I thought, “Whoa that’s good stuff right there, last year I paid around $90, so I saved $5 this year, YAHOO! Or so I thought!

Yesterday, my other sister D and I were talking about soccer sign ups, she missed this past soccer sign ups (which was the pre sale, so next sign ups are going to be around $10 more) but was planning on going to the next sign up which is in a couple of weeks, her and my sister in law are going to sign up their kids, which makes the amount of little kids in my family that are going to be playing soccer this season at the same park, on the same damn day to a total of 8 kids, which means we’re going to be at the damn park ALL FLIPPIN DAY, EVERY FLIPPIN SATURDAY! SHAT!

Well anyway, so D asks me how much I paid for Brenna’s soccer, I told her that B (my enemy sister, LOL) went and signed up for me, but that I paid her $85 for Brenna. When she got the “WHAT THE HELL” look on her face, I was immediately confused.

“What?” I said.

She shook her head and checked out the window to make sure that B was no where around. Then she turns back to me and says, “The most you could pay for registration was $240, the more kids you have, the less you have to pay, but I think you have to have 5 kids playing though, ask her”

I was astonished, B flippin’ jipped me. Of course, I asked her if she included Brenna in with her kids when she registered or did she register Brenna separately, when she told me that she registered Brenna with them so that they can get the discounted price, I gaped at her.

“You mean to tell me that you only paid $240 for 5 kids, which makes Brenna’s registration only out to $48 and you made me pay you the full, $85 amount?”

She just laughed and walked away, like it was no big deal…What the flip? I didn’t eat lunch for a whole week because Brenna’s soccer registration and her field trip and lunch stuff put me over budget for this month and she jipped me because she felt like it?

Flippin’ shit, older sisters suck ass.

*shit, Blogger is really pissing me the fuck off (shut up Holly, put that one on my tab), I STILL can’t upload fucking pictures, shit! So you’ll have to do without pics until Blogger gets their shit together!*




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