My Family Is Driving Me Insane: Some Previous Reasons.

6 06 2006

**Okay before I start this blog entry, let me ask you guys a question….am I the only frickin’ one that can’t upload pictures to save my life? I swear pretty soon, I’m gonna write a letter to blogger, crap in the face this is irritating the living crap out of me. *sigh* **

Alright, just had to have a mini rant, back to our regularly scheduled blog…

So after I wrote yesterday’s reason for why my family drives me up the wall, I remembered that I already had a couple of reasons why my family drives me up the wall, two reasons to be exact.

So, I thought I’d reminisce and post some older blogs that I did last year…reminisce with me, will ya? (oh yeah we’re reminscing because I’m too lazy to write up a new blog, hehe)

One reason, my younger brother drives me insane is because of this. Another reason why the same sister (the enemy one) drives me crazy is because of this.

I’m telling you, ya’ll..I have a crazy family. So go ahead and read some other oldie but goodies and we’ll call that a day for those and then I’ll be back with more family issues in the weeks to come, I’m sure…LOL.

Enjoy and I’ll post up another blog soon!




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