My Family Is Driving Me Insane: Reason #3.

12 06 2006

Alright, it seems that lately, my sister, B has been driving me crazy the most and yesterday was no different.

I seriously wanted to punch her in her damn face.

You see, a few weeks ago she went to a training in San Diego with her husband. She’s just like me when it comes to hair, our hair has to be fixed before we leave the house, I don’t care if my hair gets all toe the heck up while I’m out and about, but when I leave the house, my hair has to be nice…unless I just dont’ give a damn then I’m like whatever, but if I’m going to church, especially now that I’m in the Single’s Branch (a branch with only single people), my hair has to be on point, because really, its’ my selling point! LOL.

So anyway, a few weeks ago, my sister and BIL went to San Diego and my BIL left my sister’s curling iron (a family necessity) at the hotel. Now, I didn’t know any of this, nor did I care since I have my own curling iron but two weeks ago, my Uncle died in Hawaii and my sister B and my Dad flew out for the funeral (LUCKY ASSES). The morning she left, I had to get the kids ready for school, their lunches made and what not, so by the time I got around to fixing my hair, my sister B was somewhere over the Pacific Ocean, on route to Hawaii already.

With MY damn curling iron.

Did the hieffer tell me she was taking my curling iron? Oh hell no. Did she ASK me if she could take my curling iron? Oh hell no.

So, what did I do? I called her ass and left her a very nasty voice mail, telling her stupid ass to call me back when she got the message.

Did she check the voice mail? Nope.

Did she call me back? Of course, trying to act on dumb like she didn’t know why I was calling. So after I done yelled at her about taking my curling iron, she tells me to tell our other sister, D to let me use her curling iron until she got home, which was ONE WEEK from the day we talked on the phone.

So I went one whole week without a curling iron, because, D kept forgetting to bring the curling iron over. So, I made due with moussing my hair and slicking it back.

Alright, now fastforward two weeks, she keeps my curling iron in her room now, I’ve asked her three times to take it out and use it in the bathroom since she locks her room when she leaves to keep the kids out of her room to eat her candy. Do you think the stupid broad listens to me? I mean, seriously the curling iron is mine, but why would she listen to me?

Hell no, so still I have to mousse my hair because the dumb ass locks the curling iron in her room.

Which leads me to yesterday morning. I was up very late on Saturday night, Sunday morning so I overslept a bit yesterday, I woke up an hour before I was supposed to be dressed for church. Now mind you, B wakes up every morning no later than 7:30am, so what the hell was she doing all that time I was sleeping, you ask?


It pissed me off because it’s 10 o’clock and she’s barely done with her first layer, which means there will be another 20 minutes of straightening before she’s finished….I tell her to hurry up with the curling iron and you know what she says to me?

“If you wanted to use THE curling iron, you should have gotten up earlier.”


First of all, that’s MY damn curling iron, not yours…I PAID my own money to get that damn thing and so I can use the damn thing anytime I damn well please, which means I can wake up any damn time I want to wake up, you never let me use your curling iron if you were using it, which is why I went out and bought my own curling iron.


The gall she had telling me that, sent me flying for the roof. I was so mad. She’s so lucky she’s older than me, or I would have sucker punched her in her stupid smug face. I barely had time to finish my hair before Jess got there to pick me up for church.


I didn’t even bother coming home yesterday even though I was supposed to because I didn’t want to see her, I didn’t come home until everyone in the house was sleeping, I woke up this morning and was still pissed at her, although I have to say that I got her back since I hid my curling iron upstairs and she had to just comb her hair out today… her hair is flat and my hair has a bit of curl at the bottom all nice like. LOL.

Now, I know that you guys must think that my sister B is the devil himself because she gets on my nerves the most out of anyone in my family, but she’s not a bad person but damn she does stupid things and says stupid things that piss me the hell off, which is why I blog about it. But yeah, I’m still mad at her though…LOL.




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