Movie Review: Glory Road.

14 06 2006

For Don Haskins, the dream was always about winning: winning with guts, heart and grit; winning with self-respect; and winning even when the odds were completely stacked against you. What Haskins didn’t know in 1966–when he was just a small-town family man trying to make an indelible mark in his first job as a collegiate basketball coach–is that his underdog team’s incredible victory would transcend sport and change not only his life and the lives of his players, but the country itself. Haskins and his scrappy Texas Western Miners were unwittingly about to revolutionize basketball and the American landscape. It was still a time of innocence in the United States, yet the country was on the verge of major social changes when Haskins decided to play an all-African-American opening lineup at the NCAA championships against the all-white juggernaut of the University of Kentucky Wildcats. Haskins did it to win. But his bold decision would help break down barriers of segregation that affected every segment of society and set a new course for the future as his team did the one thing they could to prove themselves to a watching world: the played their hearts out.

So, lately I’ve been watching a whole gang of movies. Yesterday was no different, in between bouts of laundry and an empty house since the family had gone to the in law’s graduation, taking Brenna with them, I had the house to myself so I got down to watching some really great movies.

The first movie I watched was, Glory Road with Josh Lucas. Dude, this movie made me realize just how much soul I have. I shared a lot of interest in the stuff the black people were into in this movie then the white people, which means I’ve got a black personality…LOL.

Anyway, this movie is about Don Haskell, a high school girls basketball coach who gets offered a coaching job at a No Name College, Texas Western University and his struggle, first to get good players, you see back in the days of this movie, college basketball was a white man’s sport, there weren’t very many black players in those days, and the black players that WERE there held the bench down throughout most of the games, and the black players on the team NEVER started. When Don Haskell went to recruit new players for his team, none of the white kids wanted to play for him, so when he was watching a game and saw how good the black kid on the bench was, he started going after all the good black kids and he formed a team of about 12 players with 7 of the players, being black.

It wasn’t a very popular decision and the white people made it hard for them as a team, but it didn’t stop them from winning. No matter what was thrown their way, what was painted on their hotel room, how many times they got beat up or jumped I should say in the bathroom, they persevered and went on to beat the number one team in the league, University of Kentucky, the team who had Pat Riley on their team.

It was a very good movie, I mean it’s like all the rest of these kinds of movies, it’s like Remember the Titans and Coach Carter but it was still very good. The black players totally stole the white people’s thunder but it was cool how the white kids on the team totally adapted to having them on their team and how they were actually formed into a real team, they all got mad together and they all played together, it took a while to get there but there was no getting away from the fact that by the end of the movie, they WERE a team.

It was a very good movie, the movie soundtrack is one that I’d like to own, I was hella groovin’ to all of the songs on here and the guys were a bunch of crack ups…they had me laughing a lot. A good movie, you’ll enjoy it I’m sure.




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