The Real World: Tyler.

21 06 2006

In every Real World Season, there’s a gay person and this season of The Real World is no different. The only difference between this season and the previous seasons is I didn’t really care for the gay people that were on the show before, well I should correct this by saying I either didn’t care for them and have since forgotten they existed or I couldn’t stand them.

I mean, last season I can’t even remember if there WAS a gay person on the show, was there? If there was, I have since forgotten since the majority of the show was taken up by Danny and Mellinda making goo goo eyes at each other which now makes me gag and Johanna and Wes being all cute and retarded in their soon to be relationship. But anyway, in the season before the Austin show, we had two gay guys in the house, Willie who I thought was just “okay” and then we had Karamo who I couldn’t stand. Gosh Karamo got on my hot damn nerves, before him we have such Real World Alumni’s like Dan from RW Miami, Simon from RW Paris, Chris from RW Chicago and on and on. Those guys were the bomb diggity, but I have got to say that this season’s Real World has the BESTEST gay guy ever, I swear they were on the money when they cast Tyler to be on this show because Tyler brings an element of entertainment to the show that would have been sadly lacking if he was not on the show.

He’s such a diva that I just love it. He is what he is and he makes no excuse for himself. On top of how snobby he is (which I should hate but don’t), he’s hysterical. He’s not a troublemaker, okay well he is a little bit because he’s such a prick to Fitz, but gosh Fitz walks right into the crap that Tyler dishes out to her. I mean, it’s almost as if this is the way things are supposed to be, Tyler was sent to the house to make us the viewers laugh our tails off because he seriously cracks me up.

He’s not mean spirited or a bad hearted person, he’s just got the brash personality that only people who don’t take themselves too seriously would understand and love. He’s got a razor sharp wit and will pound you with his words if you’re on the receiving end of his words. I understand completely. He’s one of my favorite people on the show this season.

Last night’s episode was a good one. The roommates are told that they have evacuate to Key West because Hurricane Wilma is pounding down hard on Florida so they have leave and get to Fort Lauderdale (sp?), so they go and they have a good time over there, they’re playing at the beach and then going to the club later that night, no hurricane is going to get in the way of their party time, they all go out and have a good time.

Of course as with every time they go out, Paula gets roaring drunk but she’s okay, she’s not attacking anyone, until they start teasing her (okay making fun) of the fact that Paula is actually downstairs hanging out with them and not upstairs with her other half, Fitz. See, if they were doing that kind of teasing to Fitz it wouldn’t have been a big deal, but we’re dealing with emotional Paula here, she makes a big ass deal out of it and takes it out on….Tyler.

Wrong person to take your frustrations out because didn’t I mention that Tyler’s tongue is harsh and fast? Well he is and if you turn on him, after he’s been nothing but nice to you, you just tossed your feelings card down and he’s going to anihilate your ass. At first, he’s trying to understand what’s going on, what was said that hurt her feeflings? He actually looks like he cares, as he’s up there trying to calm her down but in true Paula fashion, she blows the hell up and starts yelling at Tyler about what he did, he made fun of her and blah blah blah (she totally said KISS.MY.ASS. too, I swear!) and Tyler, dumbstruck looks at her and just blows up too. They get into this big ol’ argument and Paula starts her little hyperventilating bit and the girls try to calm her down while John takes Tyler out of the room and tell him to be the bigger man and let her be mad and things will work themselves out.

She flips out because Tyler called her a crazy bitch. She starts getting all crazy and stuff and Tyler is throwing his attitude right back and I shouldn’t have laughed but when Tyler was gone making fun of Paula downstairs with John and Zack, I thought it was frickin’ hilarious, me and my sister H were rollin’. Only Tyler could make us laugh when they’re in the middle of a full blown out meltdown and what not.

Next week’s episode is Tyler fighting with Fitz again, now this is usually where the good stuff is, Tyler and Fitz. Oh I love the drama there. Can’t wait to see what Tyler brings to the table this time around….

Ooh, I can’t wait!




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