Eye Candy Friday: Kuno Becker.

30 06 2006

Kuno Becker
Okay so he’s not a real soccer player, but he plays one in Goal and while I really enjoyed the movie, I have since come to realize that you wouldn’t enjoy the movie if you’re not a soccer fan, because it really does detail his struggle to make it big in the football world in England. So yeah, though my brother wants to see the movie now, because I liked it and he watched some other England movie, I don’t think he’d like it, because he doesn’t share the same passion for soccer that I do, so I’m trying to dissuade him from seeing it, to no avail though…he says he likes soccer just fine, LOL…whatever. But anyway, because my brother and I were talking about this movie, me and Jess were reminiscing about how hot Kuno was in Goal! The Dream Begins, so she told me to make him my Eye Candy Friday pick…so that’s why he’s the pick of the week…it was a trial trying to find some naked pics of him, a big trial because I still haven’t found any good ones, so you guys will be in short supply of those kind of pics, but Jess says to let you guys know that YES, Kuno is fine…take her word for it. So there you go folks….

Some Soccer flicks…

Until next week ladies…Enjoy.




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