Being a Younger Sister Has It’s Charms.

2 07 2006

I’ve told a few of you what has transpired between me and my brother this past week. You see, I have become what one can only be called The Ipod Queen in my family, you see, everyone buys an Ipod and then assign ME to upload the songs to their respective Ipods and while I don’t usually mind, the task is very time consuming and I do get quite bored doing it from time to time.

Especially if I’m adding 1500 songs.

In two days.

The task is long and agonizing and I would really rather be doing any number of things then sitting in front of the computer uploading that many songs, in that short amount of time.

So anyway, this last Sunday my older brother, who got one of those video Ipods came to me and asked me to upload as many songs as I can before his trip to Laughlin, where he was leaving on a House Boat with his buddies for a week. He was in charge of the music, so he gave me a humongous list of songs that he wanted on his Ipod by Monday…so I had two days to sit at the computer and upload 1500 songs just for him. I really didn’t want to do it, I didn’t even pretend to want to do it but because I’m the little sister and because he said that he’d owe me big time, I took the Ipod and got to work on uploading songs, some of the songs I had to drag over one at a time and it was at those times that I was really NOT loving the job, after four hours of uploading songs, I gave up and stopped.

Having to do it all over again, after work during my Aunt’s going away dinner, Monday night I was even more irritated that I had to do it since he kept calling me EVERY flippin’ twenty minutes to make sure that I was doing it. So, after about five calls from him, I was beyond irritated and that’s when I saw the song, Paris Hilton’s Stars Are Blind.

Then it hit me.

And then I started laughing and uploading with vigor. And here’s a list of just what I uploaded

  • Right Stuff by New Kids on the Block
  • Step by Step by New Kids on the Block
  • Stars Are Blind by Paris Hilton
  • Glory of Love by Chicago
  • Hungry Eyes by Richard Marx
  • Making Love Out of Nothing at All by Air Supply
  • I’m Going To Miss You by Milli Vanilli
  • Let’s Hear it for the Boys by I don’t know who
  • You’re the Inspiration by Chicago

Well, you get the picture right? LOL. Oh gosh, it’s genius…now he will know better than to ask me to sit at the computer and work on his ipod from now on..well, one can hope anyway. So anyway, I finished uploading his songs and he came and picked up his Ipod, all full of gratitude that I undertook such a time consuming task and he kept saying over and over that he owe me and I hugged him and he was on his way.

Then I sat back and waited for the other shoe to drop, for him to call me, all pissed off because I embarrassed him in front of all of his friends, and when I didn’t get the call the day after or even Wednesday, I thought I was in the clear and maybe my little prank didn’t work.

By the time he called me on Friday, I had forgotten all about my prank so when I answered my cell phone, I wasn’t expecting his roar of fury, I so wasn’t expecing it that I almost dropped my phone and broke it again. I hurriedly brought the phone back to my ear and listened to my brother groan on and on about, how he was chillin’ with a beer in his hand, hanging out with his friends when frickin’ Step by Step by New Kids came on and he almost choked on his drink. His friends were laughing so much that he jumped up to switch the song and then Hungry Eyes came on and his friends laughter grew in volume, no matter how many times he changed the song, another fruitcake song that yours truly from Stars are Blind to Let’s Hear it for the Boys and when he heard that song, he flipped his lid.

He scolded me for fifteen minutes straight and then when he was out of thunder, he took a deep breath and then there was a long pause.

And then I started laughing my butt off and he joined me. Mind you, I was in the parking lot for 7-11 with four kids and I doubled over and kept right on laughing because I could just imagine my brother overturning his lounge chair to dive to his ipod which was playing all of these non manly songs in front of all of his friends.

Then I said, “So what are you listening to now?”

He laughed and said, “Glory of Love, now that is my jam!” There was a pause and then he started singing along to the song and I joined in while I’m walking into the store, he laughs again and says, “Damn Dee, you got me really good this time.”

Damn straight, I did.




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