Thongs In Church?

3 07 2006

Okay, so this is probably dumb to be blogging about, but I couldn’t help but wonder about it yesterday when I caught a guy looking at a girl’s ass and so of course my dumb ass looked to see what he was looking at and then I saw her thong was peeking out from her skirt and it made me squirm a bit.

I’ve never really thought much about thongs and Church and I’m really retarded because I feel naughty WEARING a thong to church, but sometimes the skirts you wear or the dresses you wear, call for the elimination of panty lines so it can’t be helped and I guess because I was WEARING a thong and then the guy was looking at the other girls thong, it made it all the more, OMGOSH, we shouldn’t wear those things to Church if it’s going to elicit that kind of reaction from the guys. But, I’m thinking should we even wear thongs in Church, do you think God is looking down on us for wearing those kinds of naughty underwear to Church? Do you think it’s a big deal?

I guess, I’m asking this because I swear the guy was like eyeing the girls thong like he wanted to lick it off and WE’RE SITTING IN CHURCH! And then if you guys were to have seen the girl, the girl is skinny yeah, but she is butt ugly and so I didn’t see him thinking that she was hot stuff or whatever, but it wouldn’t have really mattered anyway since he seemed to be mesmerized by her backside and not her face in the first place.

I was really embarrassed for the girl because I’m pretty sure that she wasn’t trying to show THAT off in Church but she was a couple of rows in front of me so all throughout the first hour of Church, I was really red for the girl and the guy that I saw looking down her pants was none other than the guy that I think is flippin’ hot…but anyway, what I guess I’m trying to figure out is, should girls wear thongs to Church or is it inappropriate?

By the time, the first hour was done, the girl had stood and her thong was safely hidden BENEATH her clothes but I still went into the bathroom to make sure you couldn’t see anything, because it totally made me all self conscience…

So your thoughts, ladies…Is it okay to wear thongs to Church or is it inappropriate?




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