Some Help Please…

19 07 2006

This summer, my family has decided to take a tour of L.A. Not a tour exactly but to hit all of the L.A. Hot Spots and play the tourist role, since the kids haven’t been to a lot of the different places in L.A. We’ve only done the regular family vacation things here in L.A.

  • Disneyland
  • Magic Mountain (okay this isn’t in L.A. but whatever)
  • Knotts Berry Farm
  • Universal Studios
  • The Zoo

The truth is, in our family we have kids whose age range from ages 3-16 and we’re trying to make the most of the kids summer, so they’re not extra bored at home, we’d like to take them to different places, but since none of us can take that much time off of work for a real vacation, we have decided to take the kids around to the different L.A. sites out there, since none of the kids have really seen what L.A. has to offer, since we usually tend to stick to our own little town and beaches, so this summer is the summer, that the Locke family does L.A.

So, I’ve been assigned to find some different places in L.A. for the family to go to. They’re going to hit Disneyland again this summer but not until later on in the summer, we’ve gone to Wild Rivers, which isn’t in L.A. but yeah whatever, so I need to come up with a few places for my family to take the kids too…

So I need some help, for those of you guys who haven’t been to L.A. before, what places would you like to visit if you guys were planning a vacation over here, what sites would you most like to see while out and about in L.A., it could be anything, restaurants, museums, whatever…I need to come up with at least 5 places to give to my sister by the end of this week, so…





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