Soccer Try Outs, Softball Games and Happy Hands.

21 07 2006

..and Samoan Flag Day.

This past weekend, I have not been home all that much. Brenna was staying the night over my sister’s house, so I was free to do as I pleased with my weekend. And I certainly lived it up too, and I soon found out that I’m not as young and agile as I used to be, or maybe I’m just an old lady in a 25 year old body, because I can’t hang with the bar scene, it’s more laid back then the club scene but dude, there’s a lot of drama at the bars in Hermosa. And the whole staying out late thing, makes me yawn. How sad is that?

Last night, Brenna had soccer try outs, I can’t believe she’s old enough to actually be in the blind draft that they have for AYSO out here. But she is and she did pretty good, since I’m coaching her, I know she’s going to be on my team, but I wonder who else I’m going to be getting from the draft, there were a lot of good kids there and a lot of not so good kids and I had a moment during the try outs where I pictured myself getting stuck with all the sucky kids and reliving moments from Bad News Bears or The Mighty Ducks, getting so good that by the end of the season we whipped up on the Teams to Beat…but I think I only felt that way because I felt bad for the sucky girls, I didn’t want them to get chosen last. LOL…but then I remembered it was a blind draft and I just stopped thinking.

After the try outs, a friend and I went to watch some friends of ours softball game. We showed up and I was geared up to get my cheer on for our boys. I got many compliments on my style of cheers, check one of them out.

“B’s got the magic stick, I know if he can hit once, he can hit twice, he hits the baddest pitch,”


I’m an idiot, I know, me and my brother came up with that a few years back, it made me oh so popular last night amongst my friends and my new friends too, I sang some other hip hop songs and changed the lyrics to suit my needs, I’m tight like that. hehe.

Last night, Manpurse guy snubbed me, not once, not twice but THREE effing times, the stupid mothereffer. He became pretty tight with the friend that I went there with, thinking she was Jessica’s best friend. What the hell? Who does that? I’m telling you, this guy is a tool. So anyway, we’re sitting there and I’m talking to Jess on my cell phone, when I hear Manpurse guy ask my friend who I’m talking to, because I’m talking mad shit about Manpurse guy to her, all in Samoan of course, so my friend tells him, that I’m talking to Jess, he finds out that I’m her best friend and not the chick he just spent twenty minutes trying to find information about Jessica out from, and what do you know???

He tries to get all chummy with me,whatever asshole, you already done pissed me the hell off, brushing me off, ignoring me while you talk to everyone around me, except me, so yeah you’re done for, I will no longer be pleading your case to Jess, I was your only saving grace, but you done kicked that chance to the wind. A word of caution to the men out there stupid enough to believe that the best friend would actually be your ticket in, Find out who her best friend is first, before you waste valuable time buttering up the wrong friend, and don’t ever snub the woman of your dreams best friend, you’re never going to get in good with said woman if you’re mean to her friends, especially her best friend.

Stupid ass.

And now on to Happy Hands.

Last night, a friend of mine got a severe case of the Happy Hands. And at first I thought his hands slipped, but over the course of the night, his hands got a little too happy, but he would always make a joke which would distract me from his slippery hands and so his actions went unnoticed throughout most of the night, but this morning while I was talking to my friend that I went to the softball game with, she said that he told her of his intentions toward me and from where I’m standing, it’s not good…oh fuck, now I gotta tell this guy where to put his happy hands as he liked to call them and then I have to tell him that I’m not interested in him like that, oh frickin’ great…and here I thought we were all just joking around.

Lastly, let me tell you about Samoan Flag Day.

I’m half Samoan, half White (German and French).

I was raised up only knowing my Samoan background, since both my parents were born in Samoa. My Dad looks like a tanned White dude and my mom is fair as well, so it’s no surprise when people are surprised that I’m Samoan, sometimes I don’t care, but most times when other Samoans try to tell me I’m not Samoan, it makes me mad because I don’t have to prove anything to anyone about how Samoan I am, I know what the hell I am and I can do a mean ass Samoan dance, better than most full blooded Samoans, it’s not ego talking here either, it’s just knowledge, Jess and I are known for dancing around these parts, we’re the ones they turn to when they need performers to dance for this function and that function, so I know this.

Anyway, I’m so hot damn proud to be Samoan, I love my culture, I love the language and I just love the people, well “my” people anyway, but there are some aspects of the Samoan culture that irritate the crap out of me. Like…

  • There’s always gotta be a fight at every damn festival we have. And it’s all just stupid Samoan boys fighting other equally stupid Samoan boys. Although I’ve got to admit that some of the worst fights have been between stupid Old Samoan Ladies. Ugh. There’s always that crowd that ruins everything. There’s plenty of these at Samoan functions.
  • I hate how stupid they love to be. It’s like they love to be loud and obnoxious and they’re not cool unless they’re making asses of themselves. Grow up already.
  • Before every Samoan function can start, they have the Matai’s up there sitting in a circle, talking. And I swear they be talking for DAYS, so everyone has to wait until they’re done in their council before the show can start.

There’s plenty others but I’d be here for days (and the council will still be out there talking their heads off) trying to tell you all of them.

Last night, I met Jess at the Samoan Flag Day Festival by her house. The dance group that Brenna dances for performed so we went to check them out and then there was some dance groups from Samoa coming out to dance as well, so we went to check that out as well, and the security guards they have at these things are so retarded, how the hell are these old, fat guys supposed to keep the peace, they can’t run anywhere, they’re all older than Moses, I mean really?

In the space of two hours, there were a grand total of 4 fights in the crowd with one person threatening to get his strap?

Shakes head, I swear, this shit keeps getting stupider and stupider, last year they had a shooting where someone died, I wonder what they’re going to do this year to top that, fucking retards.




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