Dude What’s Up With the Weather?

24 07 2006

It’s been hotter than hell over here in Southern California and because I live close to the beach, I’ve been a bit spoiled in the past, since no matter how hot it gets here in California, to counteract the heat, I usually have the coastal breeze blowing through my windows, but gosh this humidity is killing me!

All of you guys that live in the valley and are used to this crap, more power to you…I couldn’t live like this all the damn time, this is why I couldn’t live in Vegas or in the dessert because this is straight up killing me.

It doesn’t matter how much I strip off, I’m hotter than all get out! And to make things a bit more funky, it thunders in the evening and you can see lightning striking through the sky, but no rain…it’s still hella hot, but it’s thundering and lightning and you would think it’s going to rain, but we get like 5 minute showers and then everything goes back to being hot again…what the hell is going on here?

Talk about earthquake weather, this is frickin’ retarded and I’m a little bit scared. What’s really going on here???

What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods? Is it as crazy and stupid as it is out here in Southern Cali?




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