Some Wena News…

26 07 2006

First of all, I have to wish my little monster of a nephew Chase, a Happy Birthday because yesterday was his birthday and we spent the day together as a family which was good times that’s for sure. So…

Happy Birthday Chasey Boy!

Yesterday, I wasn’t around much because I was busy from the time I woke up until the time I got home last night at about 11:30pm. And man, I was falling asleep at the wheel. Thanks to my sister, Grace for talking to me on my long ass drive home to keep me from falling asleep on the freeway and killing myself and the three kids in the back seat, I was that tired. You see, I took the day off yesterday because this week I have my sister’s kids while she goes on her second honeymoon with her husband in Hawaii. Yeah, she’s a lucky bitch but I still love her.

My day started out at 6:30 in the morning when I had to wake my niece Meghan up and get her ready for school (she’s in summer school), we had to go pick up something for her to snack on at school so we were out of the house by 7:30am so she could be to school on time at 8am. I came home and with it being Chase’s birthday we let him decide what we were going to do that day and since it was extremly hot out, I was hoping he’d choose to do something, indoors and he didn’t disappoint, he wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheeses, so we lugged all of the kids into the cars and took them to CEC but before I got there, I had to run and pick Meghan up from school, sign off on some school stuff and then we headed over to CEC, where I proceeded to spend WAY too much money and eat next to nothing since Jess and I are staying away from fatty foods, by the time we left CEC at 4, we had to rush across town to pick Jess up and some of our other friends before we headed out to Downtown L.A. for the Dodger game. Traffic on the freeway was a bitch and a normal 20 minute drive turned into an hour long commute that was driving me absolute bonkers! It was funny to piss Jess off while banging Hungry Eyes from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack, you gotta get your giggles in when you can.

We drove around L.A. for a little bit because we were too early for the game, and because Jess and I were starving, we drove all over L.A. trying to find a Subway, it was too hot to eat anything else, so in the midst of our finding a Subway, we drove by….FIDM! Dude, Izzy I was steady posted at the corner of FIDM, trying to see if I could spot LC on campus, it was retarded.

We got to the Dodger Stadium and they were singing the National Anthem, it was hella crowded in the parking lot and after being told that we had to climb to heaven to reach our seats, we began climbing and we were literally sitting with Jesus, we were so high up in the stands, we finally get there and it still the top of the first inning, we cheered, we drank lots of water and then finally, the game ended…The Dodgers got spizanked, 7-3 but there was a guy on the Padres team that looked hella good.

We met up with some of our friends from Church who were there for Mormon Night and all in all the game was fun, thanks to us being goofy in the stands, the wave went around a total of six times and by the sixth time I wanted to hurry up and quit it so that I can watch the game, we actually had perfect seats, if we were a few stands down, we sat right behind home plate, right under the stadium lights. LOL. So maybe #24 wasn’t as hot as we were making him out to be but he was the only cute guy in the stadium, I swear everyone was either between the ages of 16-20 or 35-50+…it was a sad state of affairs for me and Jess who got decked out, with booty tight jeans and a cute baby tee, but oh well…we had fun.

In other Wena news, my brother and his girlfriend found out yesterday that they are going to have a girl in November, they’re going to name her Aubrey Sinamea Marie, her middle names will be after both of their grandmother’s, I think it’s cute. Tiff was a little sad because she wanted to have a boy but she’s happy with a girl. I saw pictures from the ultrasound yesterday and the baby is growing so big and Tiff is cute pregnant!

Hey Grace and Sarah, OTH’s Season Four starts on September 27th in case you guys didn’t know that…I’m all kinds of excited for that bit.

Alright, that’s all…I’m tired and I gotta get some work done. Peace out!




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