Is It Wise?

27 07 2006

To date your best friend?

You see, Ryan Seacrest has this thing on his radio show where people either email him or call him up and ask him to be their wing man, to hook them up with someone that they’ve been crushing on because they’re too chicken to do it themselves, this morning, a woman by the name of Lisa came on because she developed feelings for her best guy friend, Trey. She says that she’s developed some really intense feelings for Trey and that she’s too shy to say anything about them but she was more than willing to take their relationship to the next level and blah blah blah, so Ryan calls him up and he’s talking to him and what not, asking him questions about Lisa and we find out that Trey was the one that wanted to hook up with Lisa early on in their friendship but Lisa didn’t want to ruin the relationship and from the conversation Trey had with Ryan you could totally tell that the roles had reversed and it was now Trey who didn’t want to ruin the ‘friendship’. His reasons for being wary about going there with Lisa is because he didn’t want to ruin what they had, but in a way didn’t he just ruin what they had by rejecting Lisa? I mean, if her feelings for him are as intense as she says they are, then wouldn’t his rejection be like a festering wound that won’t heal because she’ll be devestated right?

I guess my question to you all is, Is it ever wise to date your best friend? Or would it be wiser to stick to being what you guys do best, being friends? I guess I’m asking the question because I’m in the same boat right now and am not sure if I should go that route.




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