TV: So You Think You Can Dance?

28 07 2006

What a great week of dancing on FOX’s show, So You Think You Can Dance?. The Top 8 certainly showed us why they’re still in the competition because there was hot dancing to be seen on Wednesday night’s show. From Donyelle and Travis (GO TRAVIS!) hip hop dance routine to a song that I can’t help but like, Fergie’s London Bridges followed by a saucy Argentine Tango by one of my favorite hip hoppers in the competition, Ivan and Allison. There was also some great performances by Ryan and my favorite girl in the competition, Natalie the Greek! She’s the bomb and she’s uber pretty too! Cousins Heidi and Benji turned heads and raised temperatures with their spicy Mambo number but I’ve got to say that my favorite routine of the night was choreographed by Shane Sparks, his routine for Ne Yo’s Sexy Love is one of my favorite performances of the week, it wasn’t the best of the night, that title goes to Heidi and Benji’s Mambo number, now that number was hot stuff, but it was the simplicity and the smooth grooves of Ivan and Allison together in the Sexy Love routine that stayed with me.

It spoke to me dammit. I absolutely loved it. It was hot shit.

Ivan and Allison
Now last night was the results show and we found out who went home. And for the guys, all I’ve got to say is….FINALLY! I have been waiting for Ryan to take his Natalie stalking ass back home. Natalie’s gotta be grateful to be stalker free for the rest of the season, becasue I swear Ryan was jocking her ass hard. She’s a pretty girl but damn boy, have some self respect and some pride, the way you follow Natalie around and then your feelings of glee at finding out she was your partner was seriously disturbing…and you’re clearly not the best dancer in the competition and your time should have ended LONG time ago, you didn’t entertain me with all your perfect lines and your not enough funk dance moves…I’m personally glad you’re done for, it was nice knowin’ ya…PEACE!

Travis and Donyelle
As for the girls, I can’t say that I was happy to see Allison go. She really could get down in any genre of dancing, she brought it every week and she showed America what she could do in a itty bitty dress while she twirled around the stage like she owned it, she excelled at every genre and she was a pleasure to watch.

Now the other two bottom two people, Natalie and Travis? Oh gosh, what was America thinking? Well, it’s really hard to choose between the girls because all of them are really good, at this point in the competition it gets harder and harder to choose which one to keep on the show and so I wasn’t really mad that Natalie was in the bottom two (although I did vote my ass off for her last night, what happened?) but Travis? I can’t see that one, he’s tight as all get out and he should have been in the top 2 that’s for sure, Travis doesn’t know how to dance a bad dance, the boy got more moves then an Army brat.

Natalie the Greek and Ryan the GO HOME!
So I was kinda upset to see him in the bottom two and was ready to hunt Nigel down and kick his ass if he got sent home before Ryan did, because Ryan was going to go home tonight even if I had to break into his hotel room and break his legs dammit, I would have been highly upset if Travis was the one to go home.

At this point, I can’t say that America didn’t get it right because it’s just so hard to choose right now, so America, I won’t be writing ya’ll any letters anytime soon, because I’m undecided myself.

Benji and Heidi
I can’t wait to see what these guys have in store for us next week, dude this is like my favorite show this summer, well the one at the very top at least…ya’ll gotta watch this show if you don’t already, it’s the best thing on FOX this summer that’s for sure! 😉

And because I’m such a cool girl, I’m leaving ya’ll with this video of my favorite dance of the week, to serve as the video of the week…Sexy Love by Ne Yo performed by Ivan and Allison, this one’s for you Jazz. Hey Jazz, did you know that Allison the girl dancing with Ivan in this video was a cheerleader in High School Musical? You can see her and her wild hair at the end in the ending dance number, We’re All In This Together!” hehe…

Ehh, this code is messing with my blog, so if you want to watch the video, go to the link below…hehe.

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