Dear Cingular,

31 08 2006

I would sincerely appreciate it if you’d get Customer Service people who don’t act as if all callers are lying to you and that everything coming out of the customer’s mouth is hogwash, because I assure you, I was sorely tempted to walk away from my contract with you guys yesterday. I spent lots of money on my spiffy SLVR a few months ago, something I don’t always do but I so liked the little phone, it was cute and it had ITunes on it, so I spent the $200 to buy it and this is the thanks that I get? You see, this is what happened…

Yesterday I got an email from my sister Grace, all the way in Australia telling me that she tried calling me but that her call wouldn’t go through.

Immediately, I turned my phone on and checked it and sure enough, it says that my service was interrupted. How odd, since I just paid my phone bill the week before (I came equipped with a confirmation number for my payment too, thank you very much) and even then, don’t you guys normally wait like a month or so before they interrupt service? Especially if I’ve paid my bill EVERY MONTH for the past like ten years (I’ve had this phone since the year after I graduated from high school), well there was that little incident with my sister from a few months ago, but that was taken care of, but whatever…so I tried calling Grace, no such luck, so I try calling somewhere local, since Grace is in Australia, I try calling home with no luck, I can’t get through because the recording says my line has been temporarily interrupted, please contact Cingular to pay my bill, again, WHAT THE HELL???

So I called you guys up and wanted to know what was going on. After explaining my situation or problem to the first person that helped me, she was really nice, I’ll give you guys that, she had me turn my phone off, wait a few minutes then it should work itself out, she said that it was probably a glitch in my phone or something (Umm, yeah a glitch in my phone that tells me that my service is interrupted, umm okay), so with her still on the line, I wait a few minutes then turn my phone back on, thinking the problem is solved, but find out that it isn’t. She transfers me over to second person, whom I wanted to strangle.

This new guy asks me what my problem is, I tell him, he asks me if I’m sure that there’s a problem with my service because according to the computer that he’s looking at, which has all of my account information, he says that everything looks fine. No glitches, no suspension, no nothing.

Why, pray tell, would I be on the phone talking to your stupid ass, if everything was fine with my phone?


I can’t call or recieve any calls, it says that my service was interrupted, I don’t give a hot damn what it says on your computer, my phone is not working, can you help me fix it?

“But are you sure, ma’am?” he says. “I mean, I’m looking at your account right now and plain as can be, it says, account active. I just don’t understand why this is happening to you.”

By this time, I’m trying really hard not to lose my temper, I don’t like confrontation, I don’t like to be mean to the customer service people because I know how many pissed off customers that they deal with on a daily basis, but HOT DAMN WOULD YOU STOP ASKING ME IF I’M SURE, I’M SURE THAT MY DAMN PHONE DOESN’T WORK, I’M SURE THAT THERE’S A RECORDING ON MY DAMN PHONE TELLING ME THAT MY SERVICE IS INTERRUPTED, WHAT I’M NOT SURE ABOUT IS WHY THE HELL YOU KEEP ASKING ME IF I’M SURE, YES I AM AND I STILL CAN’T MAKE OR RECEIVE ANY CALLS…you dumb stupid prick!

So after a frustrating fifteen minutes telling him that I am indeed sure that all of this is really happening, he has me turn my phone off, take my battery out and take my SIM card out and blow on it and then turn it back on….”It should work fine as can be ma’am, you probably just didn’t clean out your battery or something, those things can get lint in it and then jack up the whole phone.”

Oh so now it’s my fault because I didnt check the lint in my damn phone?

So I ask him, “I don’t see how the lint in my phone would suspend my account, are you sure that’s whats wrong with my phone?”

He makes all these, I KNOW IT ALL noises and I turn my phone back on, he tries to call me, and STILL no service.

“Did you make sure to shake your phone and blow hard into it?”

OMGosh by now I want to strangle him, he says all this nonsense about what I didn’t do to my phone and I get fed up, I ask to speak to his manager, he pretends he doesn’t hear me, so I ask again, firmly. He’s like, “Well is there anything else I can do for you today ma’am?”

You haven’t done a good damn thing for me yet, let me speak to your damn manager. He thanks me for calling him and then transfers me to….the IT people.

I’m so damn frustrated because no one appears to know what I’m talking about or know what’s wrong with my phone, I talk to two other people, a total of 4 people in one day, for a total of 65 minutes and yet, NO ONE will transfer me to a manager and no one knows what’s wrong with my phone, which they were all quick to tell me. I got a lot of, “Ma’am, I honestly don’t know what’s wrong with your phone.”

It was enough to drive me insane. The last person I talked to, said she was going to have file a report on this, open up a claim and whatever else, saying that they would have check into this and when I asked her what I would do for a phone until then, she says, “You’re just going to have to sit tight, ma’am.”

What the flip?

I was more than a little pissed off that I didn’t have a phone last night or this morning, when I came to work this morning, my phone STILL wasn’t working, so I called again, went through the same thing twice and then finally, someone came to my rescue and in less then twenty minutes, my phone was back on and everything seemed to be okay.

What did I get for my patience (for just wishing them harm and not really telling them?), they’re not going to charge me or take away any of the minutes I use for the next three days, so that means, my hotline is open guys….LOL.

So Cingular, I started out very pissed off at you guys but since I’m a God fearing woman, I have forgiven you, but PLEASE, don’t let it happen again.


Brenna’s Soccer Practice.

31 08 2006

Today is Brenna’s first soccer practice of the season and my first soccer practice as a coach. Yesterday I was terrified because I’ve never coached a team before, I was the assistant coach once before, but I didn’t do much since the Coach was always at the games and what not, so I was pretty much not needed. But this time around, I’m the Head Coach.


The things my sisters make me do. Being the youngest sucks ass.

I have never once coached a soccer practice before and the last soccer practice I participated in was when I was like 14, over 11 years ago. I never paid attention to what went on at Brenna’s soccer practices last season, so I’m totally flying blind here and I think I’ve worked myself into a panic because I seriously don’t want to be the coach, my brother punked out on me and won’t come which leaves me by myself entirely because the sister that got me into this mess has to take the other two girls that are playing soccer to their own practices and then she’s coming back to pass out uniforms, I should be a punk and make her the Team Mom, she does all of those duties right now anyway and she doesn’t want to be the Team Mom, while she’s gone, I should NOT bring up the Team Mom Duties and tell them that we already have one and make my sister be it…I think I’m going to do that.

But anyway, since I’m scared out of my pants of soccer parents (they DO have those gung ho soccer parents right? Yeah, those are the parents I’m scared of) and looking stupid tonight, who out there can help me with some soccer drills? Soccer drills that will help me turn my team into a bunch of little Mia Hamm’s on the soccer field!

So, question time: Do you guys know any soccer drills that I can run at my very first practice? It’s okay if you don’t…I’ll google what I don’t know.

What’s Up With Cheaters?

30 08 2006

I was listening to Ryan Seacrest this morning (since they got rid of my country station, frickin’ pricks!) and it was the weekly Ryan’s Roses…I’ve blogged about Ryans Roses before and so you should know what it is, if not, click on the link provided and it’ll send you to another blog I posted about what exactly Ryan’s Roses is. (I’m too lazy to do it again).

Anyway for the past couple of weeks, the Ryan’s Roses bit has gotten really loud and really out of control! And the one thing that I noticed about all the shouting and the accusations thrown around the airwaves all crazylike is that the CheatERS are all acting like they’re the victims in these things.

How the hell do you figure that?

Like this morning, we had a girl who was dating this guy for an obscene amount of time and she had a sinking feeling that something wasn’t right, so she called Ryan to see if her boyfriend was cheating on her. Now, before Ryan does anything, they have to get verbal agreement from the person calling in that they give Ryan permission to do all of this, Ryan gets the permission and he tries to get talk the person out of doing it like he did with this Adrianna chick and she was adamant about wanting to find out ON THE RADIO if her man Warren or Warner whatever was cheating on her, because he’s always out of town, he never wants to go out anymore and he spends a lot of time at his house in Bakersfield.

Now if you’re a regular listener of Ryan’s morning show, the signs are all there, we don’t even need to listen to the call and I’m sure Ryan knows that he doesn’t even need to MAKE the call because it’s painstakingly obvious that the man is indeed cheating. But does that stop the woman from wanting to know for herself?


So Ryan makes the call, well Crystal makes the call actually and she gets Adrianna’s man on the phone and she says her bit about him winning a free bouquet of long stemmed red roses to send to whoever he wanted, all she needed was a name and what he wanted to go in the message. He heartily agrees to the agreement after making sure that her name wouldn’t be put on any list for telemarketers to get ahold of and immediately goes into his whole, “Please send them to my wife, Lauren in Bakersfield, I never do anything nice like this for her, so she’s going to be so stoked,”

Leaving a crushed Adrianna back here in L.A.

So after we hear all that we need to hear, like the fact that he’s married with two kids and is “happily” married and what not, Ryan comes onto the air and tells him what’s really going on. He’s been caught up and that Adrianna, his girlfriend wanted him to make the call and all that, because she had a feeling Warner was cheating on her, he totally blows up.

Calling Adrianna bad names and telling her this is exactly why she will never make a lasting relationship work and what not, because she doesn’t trust him and all this just CRAP.

Trust is important to him. Okay, I may not be the smartest girl in the world but how stupid does this guy sound? He’s whining about how he’s going to sue Ryan and KIIS FM because of whatever and he’s yelling at Adrianna for putting him on blast like this and telling her that this is exactly the reason why nothing will ever become of their relationship and he’s just yelling about how wronged he’s been and all of this nonsense.

This…coming from a man who’s married with two kids and has a girlfriend on the side in a different city. A man who is CHEATING on his WIFE AND HIS GIRLFRIEND. A man who got CAUGHT cheating on his wife by his girlfriend.

Where the hell in that big ol’ scenario is he described a victim here? I’m just not seeing it, are you guys? And what trips me out is every week it’s the same story, the cheatER is always the one yelling and hollaring about how unfair all of this is? How the hell is it unfair that you just got your dirty laundry aired before the greater Los Angeles area, if you weren’t cheating on your damn girlfriend, none of this would have happened in the first place.

My question to you guys is, Have you ever cheated on someone? Why do you think people cheat?

And a word of advice to any of the women out there who are thinking about calling Ryan Roses…if you think you HAVE to call Ryan, your man is cheating on you.

Prison Break Season Two, Episode Two.

29 08 2006

Who watched it last night?

Who wanted to bash that stupid Fed guys head into the wall and nail his hands to the same wall and kick him in the nuts just because, so that Linc and Scofield could get LJ out of the damned courthouse?

I did.

And who else hates it that things look just that much easier for T Bag and Tweener to get away and yet things just keep popping up for Scofield and Linc? And where the hell is the crazy guy? When is his storyline going to come into play, where the heck is he? What is he doing? Does anyone remember why he was in jail in the first place? Is he really crazy or is he just putting up an act so that he can get far, far away before he attacks again?

I’d hate to be Michael right now though, because if these people all go back to doing what they were doing before they were locked up, he’s responsible for setting them all loose on society…what a way to pay back the society and the people who helped put your brother wrongfully behind bars, huh?

Talk about crazy stuff.

This is exactly why I love this show so much, all the what ifs and the who’s that? There’s so much going on and it’s so hard to keep up and yet you can’t help but do it anyway. You don’t want to get left behind.

I can’t wait to see where all of this backstory leads too. There’s so many complications that it’s equal parts frustration and equal parts anxiousness keeping me coming back to see what happens and how they get out of the situations they set up for themselves..I about peed in my pants last night when Scofield and Lincoln had to leave the car behind because the cops were on to them….but everything’s in there, how the hell are they going to get to their next destination with all of their supplies back in the car…Ugh, they can’t catch a break for nothing.

What was up with Abruzzi’s threat to Michael? Maybe we’ll meet up again later, you never know…??? What the hell was that about? Gotta keep watching…this episode was really good but I can’t help but think that last week’s episode was a little better, but that may have to do with the fact that I’m so anxious for them (read that as Michael and Lincoln) to get this show on the road, I want them already on the road, getting far away from the Feds and Bellick (who is a sad piece of crap) as they can. But with the complications of Linc getting shot by the stupid cops, LJ going to another jail in Arizona and then from the looks of everything for next week, we see Sucre might die and then everything else, I dont’ see how they can actually come out on top…

Damn, it’s going to be good this season…so, who watched it and what did you think of the episode last night?

A Birthday Shout Out!

28 08 2006

Today is Jazz’s birthday from And All that Jazz…so go on over to her blog and wish her a happy birthday, will ya?

Jazz, our favorite Jersey girl turns 25 today and I hope she has the best day ever! She’s one of the sweetest and funniest girls Ive ever had the pleasure of knowing. She cracks me up and she’s my true TV partner in crime. No one watches more TV than me and Jazz. LOL. Cheers to Jazz and I seriously hope that JD has something EXPLOSIVE planned for you today, Jazzy girl!

Love you,
Dee Money!

Mulu’s Embarrassing Moment This Weekend.

28 08 2006

My Church is a whole lot of fun.

You see, I go to a Singles Ward, which is a bunch of people my age who are not married going to Church together, it’s my Church’s idea that if you put all of the Singles together, they’d pair up and find their match made in holy matrimony Heaven. Good idea, right?


Jess didn’t think so yesterday.

Now, we’re a fairly new Singles Branch, we’re still pretty small but in the past few weeks, Jess and I have made other friends besides the friends we grew up with, we’ve gone outside of our little friends circle and made friends with the other people in our Branch and so I can honestly say that I have new friends at Church.

My friend, Ashton in particular.

My friend Ashton is a bit of a nerd, he’s the quiet type, who only talks to those he knows and doesn’t really open up much to strangers, he listens to the Simpsons soundtrack in his car, he’s a total Simpsons nut, and at first glance, you’d think he was one weird ass guy, but once you talk to him and get to know him, there’s so much more to him than his weird ringtones and off the wall comments.

The guy is frickin’ hilarious.

Yesterday, in class, Jess and I were sitting in back of Ashton, our teacher says at large to the class, “So I know that all of you guys are dating someone or other,” and Jess replies loud enough for everyone to hear, but not really meaning to say it as loud as she said it, “Not really” and so everyone starts laughing and telling Jess that they’d hook her up if she really wanted them too, and Jess just laughed it off, but Ash turned around and told her, “I can hook you up if you want, just let me know.”

Jess nodded eagerly and jokingly told him, “You handle that, Ash, hook me up.”

That was the total wrong thing for her to say, her thinking Ashton was harmless, me knowing better. I told her, “Don’t do it, Jess,” and she just brushed my concerns aside and didn’t think much of it.

Until after Church.

You see, our Church is three hours long, the first hour is Sacrament, the second hour is Sunday School and the third hour is when the men and women seperate and go to their own classes, the Men to their Preisthood class, the women to their Relief Society class. After Church, everyone usually hangs out in the lobby or the parking lot and we all mingle or what not. No one meets each other in their class and waits for them, but Ashton did yesterday.

He shows up before our class is done and he’s signaling for me and Jess to come with him, Jess is waylaid by someone, so I follow Ashton out of the room. He drags me into the room where the Preisthood (ALL the guys) meets and right smack dab in the center of the room, on the bulletin board in bold letters and all caps I read,

As I stood there gaping at the wall, Jess came up behind me and let out a screech. Everyone turned to see what happened, read the board and then burst out laughing. I imediately set about to take the offending paper down, but I couldn’t stop laughing while I was doing it. Jess totally asked for this, while she’s absolutely mortified, she starts laughing because she hears one of the guys blurt out to me while I’m taking the stuff down, “Hey wait, I didn’t write the number down yet!”
It was funny, Jess was a good sport about it, but damn that was a good one and knowing Jess the way I do, she’s going to get him back, I can’t wait to see how…

13 Books I Hate.

25 08 2006

I was tagged by Mailyn over at Imaginary Origins to list my list of books that I hate and it’s a lot harder than I thought it would be. But here’s the list, as it stands for the moment, I have to say though that this list is subject to change, well not exactly change, but perhaps GROW while I continue on with my reading, but here it goes…

1. A Knight in Bloody Shining Armor by Jude Deveraux.

I have serious issues with this book and I will forever hate it unless JD decides to write a better ending to the book. I mean seriously, we spend the entire book getting to know and love Nicholas Stafford and Dougless Montgomery only for it to end and Nicholas spends the rest of his life ALL ALONE, while Dougless comes back to her time and lives happily ever after in her sex filled life with the person who inherited Nick’s soul, Reed Stanford, oh hell to the no…shit endings like can get a person shot in my hood…okay maybe not, but they should.

2. Trading Up by Candace Bushnell.

This book was just flat out retarded. I hated the whole, I’m trying to make it big and I can screw whoever I want to get there, step on whoever I want to get there, as long as I get there. The whole thing was poorly written and I didn’t like any part of it, the characters I couldn’t stand, the storyline was tired and it was just not good for me. I heard some people liked it though, more power to you.

3. Shades of Twilight by Linda Howard.

This book was a good one but I couldn’t get past the fact that Roanna and Webb are frickin’ related, they’re frickin’ COUSINS, how can anyone get over that one? Not only are they related, but Webb was married to their other cousin, Jessie. What kind of sick shit is this? I mean, is their town so small that they only have each other to turn to? As the story unfolds, Webb and Roanna are trying to find the person who murdered, both of their cousin and wife, Jessie. I’ll admit the story was great, but the whole I married my cousin and am in love with my other cousin was just not my cup of tea, so technically, this isn’t a book that I hate, but it IS a book of which makes me HATE a lot of things in it. It gave keeping it in the family a whole new meaning, and not a very good one at that.

4. Sins of the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon.

This book is a book that I wanted to like very much, but didn’t really. Now I gave this book a C when I reviewed it on Sanctuary’s Finest, but I have tried to reread this book and can’t do it, I hate it. The book doesn’t draw me into the Dark Hunter world, the whole storyline just meh for me. I didn’t even care for poor Alexion and Danger, I just read this book because it was part of the series, would I ever buy it again? Hell no. This whole series irks my frickin’ nerves, I should have added it to my 20 Things that Irk the Ever living Shit out of Me.

5. Until You by Judith McNaught.

I love JM’s stuff, really I do, but this is the only book that I’ve only read ONCE and trying to get through it that once was like torture me, I can’t stand storylines where one of the main characters has amnesia, it’s like fingernails on a chalkboard for me, I just hate it. And I hated the way Stephen treated Cheridan too, he was mean and cruel to her and I just hated it, I’ve never really talked much about why I don’t like this story, but there you have it, I hate this book.

6. Strange Bedpersons by Jennifer Crusie.

Gosh this book irritated me to no end. The heroine was a crackhead that said and did stupid thing after stupid thing that would just piss me off. The hero, though he was hot, got on my hot damn nerves too. It was just one big ass stupid storyline and well, I didn’t care for it much.

7. Prisoner of My Desire by Johanna Lindsey.

Ugh, this book was so dumb. The Hero is taken captive by the Heroine and then he finally gets out and vows to avenge himself by taking the Heroine captive and all it is is a bunch of whips and chains and begging and then falling in love…what the hell? Yeah, it was stupid and I really liked the Heroines name in this one too…isn’t Rowena such a pretty name? Stupid, stupid book though…I hope someone writes a better story for Rowena, because this one sucked big Richard.

8. A Rakes Vow by Stephanie Laurens.

This had a weak plot and I felt really bad for Vane, because I really liked Vane in Devil’s book and I was really looking forward to reading his book, but the entire I was reading his book, I was thinking, what the hell kind of story is this? On one of the Barnes and Nobles review, a reviewer said that the book was insipid and that there was too much smooching and not enough plot, I wholeheartedly agree, a great big disappointment for me, gosh I hated this book.

9. Mike, Mike & Me by Wendy Markham.

Gosh this book was a pain to get through, I kept getting the Mike’s mixed up and then I wanted to hurry up and just finish it because I couldn’t be arsed to care one way or the other which Mike she ended up with, the storyline didn’t hold my attention, nor did the characters and well, once I finished it I was really glad. Gosh I feel like such a bitch.

10. On the Way to the Wedding by Julia Quinn.

This book was slow, retarded and I didn’t like it much. I didn’t think it was a good story for Gregory to show us how manly he is, he’s so manly and studly, he needs the help of the best friend of the woman he “loves” to hook him up with her, he’s so manly and studly that he hides in trees and spies on her with his older brother to boot! Ugh, I was sorely let down with this book. It just wasn’t good.

11. Summer Pleasures by Nora Roberts.

Too many, I don’t care scenes in this book, too many, Ugh, get on with the story moments and too many, OMGOSH SHOOT ME BECAUSE THIS BOOK ISN’T FINISHED YET moments, so yep, I don’t like this one. And there were TWO stories in this book, just meh, the heroes were great, but the story got two thumbs down.

12. Shopaholic Ties the Knot by Sophia Kinsella.

By the time this book came around (it’s the third book in the series) I wanted to kill Becky Bloomwood, not hurt her, not slap her face, not even trip her in front of Luke Brandon, but full out, poison her food, slit her throat and run her over in a car and then back up into her kind of killing. The crap this girl would do in the first two books, all just to justify her shopping excursions seriously bugged the hell out of me, this girl could talk herself into buying ANYTHING, it was horrible and then when she married her rich boyfriend, Luke, all the lies continued to her Mom, to Luke, I didn’t think she deserved Luke, she was too stupid to live, Ugh.

13. Confessions of an Ex Girlfriend by Lynda Curnyn.

This is what I thought about this book….*yawn*

And there you have it ladies, my list of books that I hate. Gosh, you guys are turning me into a raving bitch. But that’s okay.

I’m tagging, umm:

Jazz. (since you haven’t been tagged yet, LOL)
Grace (whenever you get a chance)

And whoever else hasn’t been tagged and wants to do this too.