Eye Candy Friday: Jason O’Mara.

4 08 2006

Jason O’Mara

Okay, so this guy I used to watch on Friday nights (I’m a single mother, I can’t go out every Friday), he came on the tv show on ABC, called Injustice. And hot diggity dizamn, this guy is really hot stuff, he can rock the hell out of a bomber jacket and don’t even get me started on his leather jacket he wore a lot on the show.

I just love him!

I was telling my friend, Holly that his character on Injustice totally reminds me of LH’s Sam Donovan from Mr. Perfect, I can totally picture it…Jason O’Mara is seriously hot stuff. So without further adeu, here are the pictures of the sexy Irish ex rugby player, Jason O’Mara.

Look at those sexy eyes…

The jackets…*sigh*


Sorry ladies, there will be no shirtless pictures of the sexy Jason O’Mara, I didn’t have that much time to look so you’re going to have to use your imagination, hehe…

Until next week…enjoy!




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