Movie Review: Supercross: The Movie.

7 08 2006

Starring: Sophia Bush, Steve Howey, Mike Vogel and Cameron Richardson.
Running Time: 1 hr, 32 min.
Genre: Action/Adventures, Sports
Grade: C-

This weekend, Jess and I found out that Channing Tatum was in Supercross: The Movie, so we watched it, in hopes of hyping ourselves up for this week’s Step Up which comes out this Friday, woo hoo!

The movie was pretty good, but I couldn’t get over the fact that Channing Tatum was an ass who couldn’t win his own races and that his “bad ass” Dad was noneother than frickin’ Lizzie Maguire’s Dad on Hilary Duff’s old show on the Disney freaking Channel.

The movie was about two brothers who race motorcycles and want to make it big, Van from Reba is the older brother, K.C. Carlyle and home dude from Grind is the younger and more talented brother, Trip Carlyle. K.C. gets picked up to race in one of the big moto clubs, Nami, which is run by ooh I’m so scared, Lizzy Maguire’s Dad and his bad ass, spoiled rotten son, Rowdy “can’t win a race without a wingman” Sparks. Rowdy is played by hottie Channing Tatum and meh, his character didn’t do much for me in this movie, he more so annoyed me than anything else, but dude Van from Reba is hot stuff. LOL.

The whole thing is about the little guys, known as the privateer’s taking on the big factory boys, the big hot shots that win everything, unfairly. You would think that since Trip is the better rider that he would be the one to rip it to Rowdy, but it’s actually K.C. who takes him on, K.C. who got booted from Nami because he was tired of playing second best to Rowdy Sparks, so the movie was pretty good because it went a different route than I was expecting, but it’s not the best movie in the world.

I think it was just weird to see all of these WB stars starring in these movies, I’m used to Van being a straight up retard and I’m used to seeing Brooke Davis from One Tree Hill, trying to sleep with everything in pants, but she actually played the supportive girlfriend and she was cute in it too…If you’re bored and you don’t care what you watch, then you won’t be too disappointed in this movie.




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