I’m Pointing and I’m Laughing.

9 08 2006

…because Jess thought she was funny and then she put her foot in her mouth.

You see, there’s this new guy in our Ward, who is flippin’ HOT. This guy has a weird name but still, he’s flippin’ HOT, we think he might have gay tendencies, but we don’t care because he’s flippin’ HOT…do you guys get how hot this guy is? Imagine burning your hand on the stove, you know the hot stove? Well, this guy is hotter than even that.

I’m not kidding either.

So anyway, last night we went to play volleyball, well to be honest we didn’t play volleyball, we just went to see all the hot guys that went to play volleyball themselves. So yeah, while we’re over there goofing around and what not, being stupid, one of our friends is there to meet a lady and while she’s on the phone with the lady that she’s supposed to be meeting there, we find out the lady shares the same last name as hot guy from our Ward and so in true obnoxious Jess fashion, she starts getting loud about how hot the guy is and she’s putting extra’s on it and what not, she keeps telling our friend who’s on the phone with the lady to ask her where hot guy’s been since we have’t seen him in Church lately. Of course, our friend just pushed Jess away and didnt’ say anything about hot guy and then she hung up the phone and was telling Jess just how stupid she was.

We all laughed.

And then the lady got there.

Now, our friend went across the way to talk to her and so we were a good distance away from the lady and our friend, and there are people coming out of the gym, so there was a good crowd in the parking lot with us and this is where I couldn’t stop laughing.

Because our friend, the one talking with the lady, yells across the parking lot for all to hear.

“Hey Jess, you’re out of luck because hot guy (she said his name) went away to college and isn’t coming back for a long long time….and he has a girlfriend. Come meet his MOM.”

OMGosh, I’m still laughing at how fast Jess ran into the building. Come to find out, hot guys mom heard everything Jess said while they were on the phone and called hot guy to tell him all about it. She loves to gossip, I guess.

Oh gosh, Jess hid from her the rest of the night and I don’t believe it, I’ve NEVER seen Jess that embarrassed before, but dude it was a great thing to witness, the fall of Jessica.


Oh, it was the best.




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