I’m Back and Slightly MIffed…

16 08 2006

Alright, so I’m back from Denver and I had an absolute blast out there. Nothing but good times and hot damn, there were plenty of hotties in Colorado…I’m not even kidding, Holly you should seriously think about moving to Montana, because if the guys are anything out there like they are in Colorado, all outdoorsy and buff and just all around yummy, I’ll think about moving WITH you because no joke, there are a bunch of hotties in Colorado.

Too bad, none of them came to my nephew’s party. LOL.

I swear, my sister’s whole Colorado world consists of other married couples, so my single self stood out like a sore thumb with all of them. It was a good thing, my friend Deb, who happens to be my sister’s sister in law flew in from Texas, because it helped having another single person there.

Every single guy that came to the party and that I met out there was either married or engaged, I guess there’s nothing else to do out there.

Oh well.

Being back sucks big dick, because I checked my work email while I was away to stay on top of things that needed my attention and one of my co workers tried to get me in trouble, the stupid bitch. She emailed me asking me about a missing mod for a contract she needed to bill, of course she just had to cc my boss to the email, making it look like I didn’t take care of everything before I left, come to find out, the mod was issued while I was away, therefore taking me out of the blame category…stupid bitch tried to come and be all nicey nice to me this morning, I wanted to punch her stupid fat face.

But whatever, aside from that, work is kicking my tail, so I’ll probably be back later for my review on Step Up, and whatever else I feel like blogging about.

Until then, I’m back.




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