20 Things That Irk The Ever Living Shit Out of Me.

17 08 2006

Okay, so I was tagged by Jazz, I didn’t check the date, so I don’t when I was tagged, but since I’m not feeling very creative at the moment, I’m going to share with you all of my fellow readers, the top 20 things that irritate the ever living shit out of me, in no particular order either….some, you’ve seen before (and well, they still irritate the crap out of me so deal with it) and some you haven’t, so yeah just deal.

1. California Drivers. Yes, dear readers, they still drive me up the stupid wall. They’re still holding up that stupid right turn lane only on 190th St and they’re still trying to force their way back into the left lane to pass Crenshaw and that day that I’m going to snap and go postal on them, hasn’t passed yet, but it’s coming….soon. Those stupid ass drivers better watch their backs, or their bumpers I should say…stupid shits.

2. People that give up the chance of a lifetime interning in Paris to stay home with their boyfriend and spend the summer with them…oh yeah, they broke up, STUPID GIRL!

3. The writers of One Tree Hill, who I’ve heard gave Peyton a NEW love interest which means, that her and Lucas aren’t going to get together next season, huh? If I knew who the hell they were, I’d shoot their asses…

4. My sister…and her husband. Today is my sister’s birthday, every year, everyone knows that the [ insert my last name here ] girls have lunch together on one of our birthdays, it’s no different, so yesterday we had made plans with my sister, IN FRONT of her husband to go to lunch at Red Lobster today, today she hides from us all morning and so I walk over to her office at 11:30 to see what the hell is up, only to be informed that she’s already gone to lunch…with her fucking husband. She couldn’t call us and let us know? Stupid heiffer and now I can’t eat Red Lobster because my other sister said, forget it…stupid assholes.

5. My sisterS. Being the youngest sister sucks the fucking worst. Every fucking week, my sisters will ask me to straighten their hair and if I’m not doing anything, I’ll do it..it’s not that big a deal for me but for some strange reason I always end up doing my own hair, what’s wrong with this picture? Okay this irks me, but not that much so Mailyn, be nice. LOL.

6. When movie trailers give away all of the good parts of the movie and then when you see the movie, you’re not that impressed because all the good parts you already saw and so you wasted ten bucks on a movie that was not even all that…

7. It irks me when my black friends complain about something and then tell me that I don’t understand what it’s like to be black, to be treated unfairly and what not….all of that is a bunch of bull shit, you live in Los Angeles, we are NOT KKK land, and everyone is treated equally here. The Mexicans, the Blacks, the Samoans, the White People all get treated the same…..shitty.

8. My nephew irks the ever living shit out of me just being…him. You’d have to know him to understand, he’s a little shit that gets on my nerves, all the damn time.

9. The chick at Church who always raises her hand in class to answer a question and then always forgets what she’s going to say and sits there forfreakingever snapping her finger and saying, “It’s on the tip of my tongue” If you didn’t know what the hell you were going to say then keep your hand down and your thoughts to yourself, nobody cares what you had to say anyway.

10. Guys who kiss and slobber all over me. GROSS, learn how to kiss before you bring your mouth anywhere near me please…I already showered, thanks.

11. The person who wrote the Star Spangled Banner in Spanish, umm, no offense but we here in America, speak English, why the hell would we need to sing our national anthem in Spanish? Yeah that guy was a tool.

12. The lady that works in the cafeteria here at work, she thinks that just because she owns that little deli thingy that I, a paying customer should know what the hell she’s talking about when she speaks some dodgy English/Vietnamese crap to me…hello? You’re living here in America, LEARN HOW TO SPEAK ENGLISH, I don’t need to learn how to speak your native language to order me a damn turkey sandwhich, if you don’t want to learn English, go back home where everyone understands the shit coming out of your mouth.

13. Manpurses. It’s gay, if you’re man DON’T WEAR THEM! (Yes, I know you know that I hate manpurses, it still irks the shit out of me)

14. People who tell me that they’ve seen such and such movie and then when you want to talk about it, don’t have much to say about the movie, they just nod their head and agree with whatever you have to say, which means, they didn’t even watch the movie and that they’re lying, if you didn’t see it, don’t lie about it, it’s not like I’m going to shoot you for not watching the movie, shit. Lying about it doesn’t make you cooler than me, nothing will. LOL.

15. AKISA by Jude Deveraux, that book irks me to no end, I hate that book and I always will, because no matter how many times I read it, the ending still sucks big buffalo nuts! Who the hell is Reed Stanford? WHO CARES, it’s all about Nick Stafford, HELLO…stupid, STUPID ending…

16. When grown ass women can’t sing the right lyrics to a song, if you don’t know the lyrics, DON’T SING, because the lyrics aren’t, “My London London Bridge wanna go down, like london london lawoop wanna go down” it’s “My london london bridge wanna go down, like london, london, london, be goin’ down” Get it right.

17. When people pronounce jewelry, jewlery…ummm, take a look at the word, buddy, I promise you, the W comes before the L…yeah, you said it wrong. Try again. Oh yeah and jello (for yellow) and bideo (for video) aren’t cute either….ugh.

18. When kids are needlessly cruel to other kids, I swear I’d walk around with a paddle all day and whip all the kids that ever say a thing against my nephew, who has clubbed feet, just because he’s different from you doesn’t give you the right to be cruel to him, and those 7th grade girls who picked on my 6 year old nephew, are lucky I don’t live in Colorado, because I don’t care how old I am, I’d go looking for their stupid asses and beat the shit out of them for calling my nephew all those stupid names they did…I’d get ghetto Samoan up in here, stupid little bitches.

19. When people spit on the ground right in front of you…that is so disflippingusting and Tapered does this all the damn time, the next time I almost step into his spit, I’m going to key his truck. Asshole.

20. I hate when I go to the Dairy to get milk and ask for milk and they give me a 2 Liter of Pepsi, what the fuck??? Or when I go to Jamba Juice and order a pizza stick and a Mango A Go Go and get a cinammon pretzel and a Banana Berry…Ugh, I get the same damn thing everytime I go there and they still get my order wrong, stupid pricks.

Gosh, I sound very mean, I swear I’m not…just don’t do any of the above and we’re straight. Thanks Jazz for turning me into a mean girl. LOL.




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