Prison Break: Season Two, Episode One.

24 08 2006

Okay, I’m hella late with this, I’ll do better next week, but HOLY CRAP.

That was a great season premiere.

Lots of things going on and lots of almost getting caught up by the boys on the run, so many other storylines opening up, so many emotions running amock, damn, it leaves a lot to wonder about throughout the rest of the season.

One thing that I absolutely LOVE about the episode and then this season is, even though I loved Went in his prison get up, I love him all the more in regular clothes. Damn, he can make a simple light colored suit, just all the more sexier because he’s wearing it. I look forward to seeing the boys on the run and next week’s episode promises to be all the more dramatic since they’re breaking LJ’s stupid ass out of jail.

It should be interesting to see what happens in the coming week, how they continue to stay off the radar of the cops, trailing them and most importantly how they stay away from the Feds, now that they’re onto them, but a quick question to my fellow PB fans, how in the hell did that new Fed guy piece all of that together? I mean, seriously? I must be one dim light bulb because I can’t understand how he figured out the whole of Scofields plan that fast? Let’s be real here now.

On to other aspects of the show, OH MYLANTA! They killed Veronica! Just popped her off the face of the Earth, while she was on the phone with Linc, who by the way is looking mighty studmuffinly with his beat up face and his bulging muscles and his fierce scowl that he carries around, HOLY ORGASM that man is hot stuff! But that is just straight up CRAZY they shot Veronica in her head, right smack dab in the center of her forehead with other shots to her chest, and we saw damn.

I’m glad to see that Sara didn’t die, like we all thought she was going to die, I’m also glad that she’s still in love with Michael and I thought it was sweet that Michael is worrying about her, on the road, while he’s running from the law. I also love the little note that Michael left for Sara in her little paper duck thing. It’s great stuff, this romance business, I frickin’ love it that even convicts need love! haha.

T-Bag is still EWWWW to me and so is Abruzzi, I still love me some Sucre and I’m still not caring about C Note, but I hate when he be putting Scofield on blast…so it’s on and cracking now, who’s going to get to Utah first?

So, this post is really for all of my PB fan buddies out there, a question for you guys: What do you think is going to happen to the guys this season? Who do you think is going to get caught? Who do you think is going to die? And what do you think is going to happen to Sara and Scofield?




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