Brenna’s Soccer Practice.

31 08 2006

Today is Brenna’s first soccer practice of the season and my first soccer practice as a coach. Yesterday I was terrified because I’ve never coached a team before, I was the assistant coach once before, but I didn’t do much since the Coach was always at the games and what not, so I was pretty much not needed. But this time around, I’m the Head Coach.


The things my sisters make me do. Being the youngest sucks ass.

I have never once coached a soccer practice before and the last soccer practice I participated in was when I was like 14, over 11 years ago. I never paid attention to what went on at Brenna’s soccer practices last season, so I’m totally flying blind here and I think I’ve worked myself into a panic because I seriously don’t want to be the coach, my brother punked out on me and won’t come which leaves me by myself entirely because the sister that got me into this mess has to take the other two girls that are playing soccer to their own practices and then she’s coming back to pass out uniforms, I should be a punk and make her the Team Mom, she does all of those duties right now anyway and she doesn’t want to be the Team Mom, while she’s gone, I should NOT bring up the Team Mom Duties and tell them that we already have one and make my sister be it…I think I’m going to do that.

But anyway, since I’m scared out of my pants of soccer parents (they DO have those gung ho soccer parents right? Yeah, those are the parents I’m scared of) and looking stupid tonight, who out there can help me with some soccer drills? Soccer drills that will help me turn my team into a bunch of little Mia Hamm’s on the soccer field!

So, question time: Do you guys know any soccer drills that I can run at my very first practice? It’s okay if you don’t…I’ll google what I don’t know.




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