My First Soccer Practice…and Random News.

2 09 2006

So I went to soccer practice last night and it went well. Because have you guys seen that movie, Kicking and Screaming? Remember, Will Ferrell’s Dad in that movie, remember how he had those menacing players who were the team to beat?

That’s exactly how my team isn’t.

My team is more like Will Ferrell’s team on Kicking and Screaming. What were they called, The Blue Tigers? Or something like that…yeah, that’s my team.

But, I don’t even care because the kids on my team are so cute and too funny…and oh so nice.

I say this because I’m a single mother and Brenna has never met her father, it’s something he didn’t want, or was ready for and so for Brenna’s entire life, it’s been me, her and my family. I won’t say that I’ve raised her entirely by myself because I have had my family to lean on from the very beginning, which is something that not all single mother’s have, so I’m very grateful to them and I’m lucky in the sense that Brenna is genuinely happy with her life, she doesn’t seem too bothered by the fact that she doesn’t have a father and everyone else that she’s close with does, when she’s asked where her father is or who her father is, she doesn’t make stories up or lie about who her father is, she is blunt and to the point. But I do worry about her sometimes though, because she’s only asked me once about her Father and I was as honest with her as I could be and because I was crying when I told her, she ended up comforting me instead of the other way around, telling me that she didn’t need a Dad cause she had Papa Joe and the rest of her Uncles. She’s never brought up her Dad again and it makes me wonder if she’s really okay with not having one or if she doesn’t want to ask me again because it would upset me…but anyway, that’s for another time, back to my story.

Last night at soccer practice, there was only one girl on the team that both my daughter and niece knew from school and so as the girls were getting to know each other, they were all standing in a group, just kinda talking amongst themselves, one of the girls said to Brenna, “Your Mom is our coach?” when Brenna said yes, she asked, “Well, where’s your Dad?”

Brenna’s response was, “I don’t have one.”

The little girl, her name is Mikayla mulled that one over in her head and then asked Brenna, “Do you ever miss not having a Dad?”

I was trying really hard not to cry because I know this can’t be easy for Brenna, but I didn’t want to butt into their conversation so I waited to see what Brenna was going to say and she said, “I don’t know, I never had one before.”

At this point, I thought the girl was going to bust a Mean Girls on my baby and I was ready to, I don’t know what I was ready to do but I continued setting up my cones and what not for the drill that I was going to make them do, when I saw the girl pull Brenna into a hug but I couldn’t hear what she said and then the next thing I knew, her and Brenna were laughing and playing again. Of course, my niece came up to me and told me all about the conversation and then said, “Aunty, I was ready to punch her if she said something mean to Brenna.” Which made me laugh all the more.

My practice turned out really great! Our warm up needs work as do our drills, but it was mostly because I got a lot of the first year players, none of them knew how to dribble the ball, pass the ball or control the ball. So, I know that I’ve got a lot of work cut out for me this season, but because the girls are so cute and they totally look up to me, I’m going to try my best to do right by these girls and I roped my sister into being my Team Mom, so I don’t have to worry about anything but practices and games, which shouldn’t be too hard since I know the game.

But still, wish me luck guys, I’m going to need it!

This weekend is going to be very busy for me, I have dinners with friends, desserts with other friends, picnics planned with ALL of the friends but most importantly is tonight is my nephew’s first game, starting on the Varsity Team of his high school. I’m going to the game with the rest of my family to cheer him on, so GO TARTARS!

Alright, I’ve got the Eye Candy Friday post to post, that’ll be up soon, and before I forget…HAPPY LABOR DAY! to all of my homie gee loccs around the web, I hope you guys enjoy your day off from work…

And I think that’s it…blog with all ya’ll laterz….Dylan.




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