What Up? What Up? What Up?

5 09 2006

So, I’ve been missing in action this past weekend, it being a long weekend and all, I tried my hand at being young and carefree again and well, let’s just say that I’m hella tired for it.

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend and I hope no one is wearing white today either, hehe.

My weekend was spent catching up with old friends, renewing friendships that have been sorely tested over the past few months and celebrating best friend’s nephews birthdays, oh and…school shopping too.

Saturday, Brenna and I hung out in Compton and then went to dinner with a couple of my friends, saw a ghetto black cowboy riding his real hoove having horse down Central Boulevard. He reminded me of a black Zorro and I couldn’t stop laughing because it was pretty late at night and there he was, galloping alongside the light traffic in Compton, CA…yep, in Compton, hometown of Gangsta Rap Artists such as NWA, Tupac (I think), DJ Quick and The Game. HA! To think Compton turning country on us? LOL, it’s just hilarious to me.

Sunday, we had Break the Fast at Church and everyone tore up my Chinese Chicken Salad which made me popular and snicker my way around Jessica while doing my happy shoulder dance because haha, they all liked my salad better than her rice! LOL. We also went back to have dinner and dessert in Compton and hung out over there, since no one had work on Monday. It was good times, clowning around with all of our old friends, after that we kept the party going at my friend, Ralphs house where the laughs continued, the good times still rolled. I swear, Ralph is the funniest guy EVER and I’m so glad that he’s my friend.

Ralph, since I know you’re reading this, you better hurry up and get your blog started so that I can stalk your blog and poke around inside your head, the bloggers better watch out because Ralph Lauren is on the loose…hehe.

I missed Prison Break last night, so I’m getting ready to watch it online which I’m all excited about, after I watch it, please believe Izzy I will be hitting your blog up.

Happy Belated Birthday to Jessica’s nephew, Leroy, who celebrated his birthday yesterday at the park, very relaxing way to spend Labor Day, at the park with all the hotties playing soccer and tennis in Cerritos, good good times…

I swear, school shopping is going to be the death of me. Target was supposed to be having this big time sale where everything is half off the already marked price or whatever and we went to the Target in Cerritos which is the bomb diggity thank you very much and well I ended up spending way too much money for Brenna’s school supplies. I don’t even think she needs more than half of what I bought her yesterday, but who cares, they were all pretty good deals so she’s more than prepared for school to start. Now if only my luck can hold to make sure that she actually gets into a class, cross your fingers for me.

This post is all over the place, but I can’t be arsed to care at the moment…it is what it is, sorry readers. I hope all of you guys had a great weekend and got more sleep than I did. I’m sorely paying for all of my partying right now and I have soccer practice tonight, great…I’m so not cut out for the party life, LOL…will be back later for my thoughts on this week’s Prison Break.

Until then, peace out!




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