Soccer Practice, Brenna’s First Day of School and a Funny Story.

8 09 2006

Yesterday was Brenna’s First day of school and as always, my sisters and I packed their school lunches, got them dittied up for school (Brenna was rockin ‘the hell out of her new preppy girl sweater and vans, TOO CUTE) I only took one picture but was a group picture, as soon as I upload them, maybe I’ll share them maybe I won’t, the won’t will probably be because I forgot to share them so yeah, whatever…sorry.

We walked them to school, as we always do on the first day of school and then we hung out, met their different teachers, played with their friends (we’re the cool Moms at school) and then we kissed them bye, wished them a good day and then we all went to breakfast, as we always do on the first day of school. It’s a ritual we started their Kindergarten year, so that we can postpone going to work. Good times, as always cracking jokes with my sisters.

She came home with plenty stories to tell me about how her cutie patootie friend, Ryan likes her but she likes Devin (personally I’d rather she liked Ryan because he’s cuter and taller than her, but hey it’s not me!) and then she told me about a new friend she made, how much she likes her teacher and all that other stuff, it was cute.

Then we went to soccer practice and the cuteness wore off.

It seems that I’m going to be blogging about soccer a lot these days.

It’s what I spend most of my time doing, if I’m not getting spreadsheets together for the Team Roster, I’m trying to locate our Game Schedule which has still not been emailed to me as previously promised by our Division Coordinator, Jerry you better open a can of Act Right, HELLO our games start next week. Sheesh. If I’m not doing all of that, I’m mapping out practice plans, going over my notes that I make at soccer practice to see which player would be good at which position or I’m AT soccer practice getting frustrated because the girls on my team would rather be picking wildflowers in the grass then listening to my instructions on what drill we’re going to be doing.

I don’t know how Coaches who’ve been coaching for so many years do it. I wanted to strangle all of those girls last night, my daughter in particular. I’m starting to really see the crap I’ve gotten myself into, but I actually do enjoy coaching, who knew?

Okay anyway, something funny that happened to my nephew yesterday.

My nephew, Chance just started his first year of Middle School yesterday and the boy was hella excited. I mean, he was ready at 7am (school doesn’t start until 8:15am) and he had already eaten breakfast, he was packed and ready to go. He gets to school and he sees all of his friends from Elementary School, he hangs out with his older, cooler sister and everything was going great, until he had to go to the bathroom…really bad.


He said his stomach started hurting after lunch, so he rushed to the bathroom in between classes to take a load off, I guess, I’m hella rollin while I’m typing this out because my poor nephew wanted so much to have a great day.

Well, while he’s in there, he hears other boys come in and because his stomach hurt too much, he didn’t care if they heard, or if they smelled it, he just kept right on going, when he finished, he cleaned himself up and turned to flush the toilet.

Only the water in the toilet didn’t go down, it came up, and kept right on coming up, until it was spilling out all over the floor, on his shoes, drenching his backpack which he had thrown on the floor, he said he didn’t hear anyone, but his heart was pounding so hard, he probably wouldn’t have been able to hear anyone anyway.

He said, that he stayed int he stall for what seemed like hours but was only a few short minutes, until he knew no one was in the bathroom, he said no one was in there when he got out nor did he hear anyone talking about all the water on the floor, so he booked the hell out of the bathroom and ran to the office, he had to throw away all of his stuff in his backpack, because it was all dirty nasty, but he said he almost cried because he didn’t want anyone to witness his embarrassment.

Oh gosh, I’m laughing so hard right now, what a way to remember his first day of Middle School, huh?

Hahahaha…alright, I’ll be back to post the Eye Candy Friday post, because I can’t right now.




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