Prison Break: Season Two, Episode Four.

12 09 2006

One down, seven more on the run…

Holy Hannah what a good episode it was last night. I mean, Abruzzi? Whoa. T Bag? Oh heck no, someone please take this fool out NOW! Tweener? What the hell? and Michael and Sarah? YAY. Nika? You stupid heiffer. And can’t forget about Lincoln? YUM!

So many things to talk about from just last night’s episode.

Let’s start off with Michael and Sarah because those are my favorite characters on the show, if you haven’t already guessed. Bellick is one dirty dog. (the dirty dog is said in my most disgusted voice). I hated the way that Michael found out about what happened to Sarah…but the phone call? HOLY CRAP IN THE PANTS, what an AWESOME phone call, all that emotion and the, “IT WAS REAL!” goodness? It was soooo the business. I can’t wait to see what happens between these two, the romantic in me was seriously jumping up and down while Michael was talking to Sarah on the phone. And goodness, what was Michael talking about when he was telling her, that there’s a way for him to protect her, she’s already got it, WHAT IS IT? The paper bird thing? The one with the hidden message in it? Hmm, curiouser and curiouser…damn it’s going to be hella fun watching these two make their way towards each other, I’m firmly in the MICHAEL/SARAH camp..more firm than my First workout tapes.

Now, onto Michael’s wife. On one hand, I can’t really blame her, she’s a woman scorned, she thought her and Michael were more than what they really were and well, look at Michael? He is one hot piece of ass, ANYone would have wanted something more with him. Shit, I do. But even knowing all of this, I’m still hella pissed that she tried to turn on Michael, what a stupid ass. YAY on Lincoln for being smarter than her stupid ass. Hmm, maybe Lincoln and Nika can hook it up, if she can’t him, go for the next best thing, his brother…LOL. I wonder how and where she’s going to pop up in the show, later on…I wonder if she’s going to be super pissed with him still try to bury him, she might bust a psycho bitch on him, hmm..dammit, Michael doesn’t need to be worrying about her dumbass right now, he’s gotta save his lobster, Sarah!

T-Bag, what the hell is your problem? Why on all that’s holy are you still alive? Why oh why haven’t you been caught yet? What kind of COP doesn’t know that you’re one of the Fox River Eight? Why the hell do you talk to everyone and their Mom and they have no idea who you are and that you’re a child molesting prick who needs to be killed with a dull knife? Why? Please, writers of PB, get rid of his ass…do I need to write you guys a letter? Cause I totally will.

The Secret Service Guy and Sarah….*sigh* I want to shake Sarah and tell her that he’s no good, he’s a dirty fed guy who is working with all the bad people, but the shit is going to hit the fan sooner or later, but what I want to know, is yeah, I know he’s working with the VP, but is he also working for Sarah’s Dad as well? That all is just way too fishy for my tastes. Sarah’s Dad just keeps getting crookeder and crookeder.

Tweener and his Not Mormon Girlfriend. What the hell is up with this? I’m glad that it’s Michael that has the hottie chick on the show because Tweener’s girlfriend is not a looker. I don’t really care for this storyline but I can’t wait to see what happens next week when she finds out just who she’s sleeping with….LMAO, I’m so going to be laughing my ass off for real.

Now…Abruzzi. Wow, I totally didn’t see that coming, I totally thought it was Tweener that the Feds were onto when they kept mentioning the Motel. To see Abruzzi go out like that was whawt he got. His wife told him to leave well enough alone, but did he? Now he’s never going to see his family again, the stupid idiot…unless they bust a Days and bring him back from the dead, like they did with Stefano…you never know these days. There’s so many plots within plots within plots, which makes for good tv.

So, what were your thoughts on last night’s episode? Good, okay, what? Did you guys love it just as much as I did? I know that Izzy did, where’s Grace at?

Until next week….




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