Welcome to the World, Baby!

13 09 2006

Welcome to a world full of controlling women and endless drama over the simple planning of one small baby shower, yours to be exact.

Poor Tiffany.

My brother Pete’s girlfriend, Tiffany is having a baby, a baby girl to be exact in November. Her Step Mom and Mom wanted to have a baby shower with both of the families planning it/throwing it, whatever.

We thought it was a great idea.

Tiffany had her reservations about it because her family is completely different from ours and though I understood her reservations, I told her that we’re all going to have to meet sometime, might as well, make it at the baby shower, or through the planning of it.

So last week Thursday, Tiff’s SM called my older sister Blanche but we were at the kids soccer practice so she couldn’t really talk, she said that she’d contact her later in the week, when things slowed down and talk to her then, I guess Tiff’s SM asked for an invite list with addresses and then asked if we could plan to have the shower on the 7th of October. Blanche told her that she’d check with everyone and get back to her.

Then yesterday came and Pete is calling me, asking me to get the invite list together as well as the addresses and call Larinda (I think that’s how you spell it) with it. I told him that Blanche is going to call her but we’ve just been really busy with the kids soccer stuff. He tells me that Tiff’s been bugging him about it, so can I just do it. I’m sitting right next to Blanche when he tells me this and I tell him once again, that Blanche will call her when we get inside.

So Blanche calls Larinda back and Larinda asks Blanche for the invite list and the addresses. Blanche is like, I can email it to you and then Larinda tells Blanche that they’re having it on the 7th of October and that they already made up and printed the invitations and they’re getting ready to send them out…now this is where Blanche’s back starts getting straighter and straighter. Her features harden and then her attitude sparks up.

“What do you mean you’ve got the invitations already printed and ready to send? I thought I told you that I’d get back to you on the date, I’ve been busy but we’re not going to be able to make it to the 7th, because my Mom and Dad are going out of town.”

There’s a pause and if Blanche’s back straightens anymore, it’s going to snap. Another short pause and then Blanche says, “Well, maybe we should just have our own shower and you guys can have your own. I wouldn’t feel right throwing a shower for Tiffany when I know that my Mom, Pete’s Mom won’t be able to make it. You guys can have your shower on the 7th and we’ll just have ours when my Mom comes back. Thanks.”

And then she hung up. And you would’ve thought that was the end of it, but then back to back to back, our phones start ringing, Blanche’s cell phone, our house phone and my cell phone.

Pete’s calling Blanche on her cell phone, Tiffany’s Dad is calling on the house phone and Tiffany is calling me on my cell phone.

Oh the drama.

Blanche is trying to explain her side of the story to Pete, Tiffany’s Dad is trying to come to a compromise and Tiffany is just flat out stressing out.

*shakes head*

I swear, when you have two controlling women planning a shower, nothing but drama is sure to follow. But, seriously though? Why on earth would you throw a shower if the Grandmother won’t be in town? Why would it ever be okay to not include the grandmother of the baby? I just don’t understand it, in the Samoan culture, things like that just aren’t done.

But aparently, after Blanche told Larinda that our Mom and Dad were goign to be out of town, Larinda’s response was, “Well she doesn’t have to be there, can everyone else come?”

I would’ve been pissed too.

On top of the whole date issue, there’s the issue of where it’s going to be held at. Tiffany had hoped that we could have the shower at our house and we were totally okay with it until Pete says that they drink. We didn’t want them to think that we would be okay with serving alcohol at the shower, because we aren’t. We don’t drink, we don’t party and things like that bring nothing but trouble (Kenny Chesney Concert, anyone?) so we would really just not have any of that kind of stuff around, especially since we were planning on inviting Mom’s friends from Church, not to mention Tee and Bernard’s Moms and families as well.

When Blanche asked about where the party was going to be held, the Dad told us at their apartment complex, but okay their apartment complex is on a main street, so parking is going to be a disaster and the complex doesn’t look THAT big, so how the hell is it going to accomodate ALL of us?

*shakes head again*

There are plenty of other issues that need to get ironed out as well, but we’ll just have to wait and see what else comes of this shower, will there be one shower with all families or will each family throw their own shower?

Who knows…you’ll just have to stay tuned to find out…




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