My Grown Up Papers…

14 09 2006

…are signed and delivered.

It’s official, you guys. I have officially signed my grown up papers.

Gone are the days of partying it up until the wee hours of the morning with my friends. Gone are the get up and leave the house when the mood strikes. I hardly even have time to see my friends, whom I miss very much. Jess in particular.

She’s got her own things going on right now, speaking of Jess…GOOD LUCK ON YOUR TEST! She’s going in to take a very important test right now, so wish her luck with me, will ya? But between all of her stuff and then all of mine, the only time we talk is on myspace, through emails or texts.

In the past week, I have turned down three different invitations to random house parties and Bar B Ques because I have soccer practice, or Brenna has unfinished homework that needs to be done before I can have time to myself.

Labor Day weekend was our last hurrah before Fall came and claimed all of our lives. Mine mostly.

My days are now filled with 6am wake up calls, breakfast duty, lunch duty, drop off duty, pick up duty, homework, reading and dinner duty, on top of soccer practices and games. My work days are getting busier than usual, but please rest assured, I’ll always make time for my daily blog hops and posts.

There are so many hot damn things to remember, that I find myself getting dizzy from just my thoughts. But I’ve worked out a schedule that suits me just fine and allows me to accomplish all of my duties without losing touch with my friends.

I’m getting really good and juggling all of my duties and seriously??? You can just call me Super Mom…LOL.




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