It’s a Happy Monday for Me Dammit!

18 09 2006

Because my sister made me a CD this weekend with the song that I’ve been obssessing about and brought it to me this morning. And because I got my Justin Timberlake CD from Jessica, who bought that for me last week. And because I finally finished Lover Awakened and put my review up on the other blog that I blog at, Sanctuary’s Finest and I’m having a better day than my brother, Henry.

Woo hoo!

My weekend was fantabulous as well, even though I got into it with stupid high schoolers again, it all ended well, so I’m not bitter about all that nonsense. Although, I do think that parents should be teaching their kids to respect their elders, it’s horrible how punky these kids are around adults. Even my Dad was ashamed of the kids at the football game on Friday night. My nephew’s team got stizomped on but that’s okay, because Jarred (my nephew) did pretty good that night. Lots and lots of tackles made by Jarred.

Woo hoo.

My very first soccer game as a coach went well too. We were trailing by 2 at the half way mark but after my Pep talk, the girls picked up their game and their defense stuck, the other team (which was coached by the star soccer player of my high school and a good friend of mine from back in the day) didn’t get past my defense and my offense attacked, scoring 2 goals to catch up. We didn’t get that last goal that would have put us over the top, but I was proud of my girls. They did extremely well and my Brenna was on fire. She may not have scored any goals, but nothing got past her and she worked her tail off to keep the ball on the other side of the field. She was all over the place too. She was running her little heart out and when she got her finger stepped on, she cried for only a few seconds and then she wanted to go back in and play some more. I was never more proud of her as I was that day, my baby is a soccer player dammit. She was the one that set up the first goal our team scored and I screamed my voice raw from the game, it was such a good first game.

An update on the Baby Shower. We’re having a seperate shower from the one that Tiffany’s Mom is throwing. I think I’m still going to attend the shower that Tiff’s family is throwing but we’re going to have our shower on the 18th of November. This way my sister Helen, can fly out for it and bring my favorite baby, Kainoa with her. Gosh, I miss that baby so much. Here’s a picture of him, isn’t he adorable?

Awwww, there’s my little Kainoester! =) There he is in all of his cuteness, crooked teeth growing in and all. haha.

That is the reason I’m stoked to be having our own baby shower, because I will finally have him back here with me for a little while anyway. My sister Helen will be flying out with him that week, so that she can be apart of the baby shower business with us. We’re all pretty close with my younger brother, Pete (me being his favorite sister of course, hehe) and we all want to be included with his first born’s shower. So, it should be exciting! Helen’s thinking of staying until Tiffany has the baby so that she can share in that experience as well, I’m hoping she CAN stay for that long.

Cross your fingers for me, will ya?

As for my friend, I can’t get ahold of him so I don’t know what’s up with him and his girlfriend. I’ll have to get back to you guys on that one….BUT, how was YOUR weekends?

Hollar back youngun’…WOOT WOOT! LOL.





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