Today’s the Day…

21 09 2006

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Our favorite Doctors and Interns of Seattle Grace are BACK! TODAY! Aren’t you excited? No? That’s okay because I’m excited enough for ten people!

It’s been a long road for everyone at Seattle Grace, so many things happened last season, We meet and hate Addison, Meredith pleads with Derek to PICK HER, CHOOSE HER, LOVE HER, Derek doesn’t show up to meet Meredith at Joe’s, Izzy and Alex have sex, Meredith sleeps with with every guy in an attempt to get over Derek, Christina moves in with Burke, The Chief has a heart attack, Bailey has a baby, Christina finally gives up her apartment, George tells Meredith he loves her and then Meredith sleeps with him (EWW) and then we get to know Addison and stop hating her, Meredith gets a dog to stop sleeping with men to get over Derek, Mark comes to Seattle to win Addison back, Derek punches him for talking to Meredith and the interns nickname him McSteamy and I get wet just watching him on TV, Doc is adopted by both Meredith and Derek, he gets sick, in comes McVet who starts pursuing Meredith and then finally….Derek and Meredith reunite at Prom, and Meredith loses her panties.

Oh joy.

Tonight, we’re having a Grey’s Anatomy dinner with friends, so that we can all watch it together, how exciting is that? I can’t wait, especially since the group of friends that I’ll be watching it with are just as excited as I am for the season premiere and are the funniest people I’ve EVER met, so tonight should be nothing but good times…

So many things happened last season and so many things are going to happen this season, oh I can’t effing wait for it all to begin already, because I’m READY for some McDreamy action baby….What storylines are you most looking forward to watching this season on Grey’s Anatomy?




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