Grey’s Anatomy: Season Three, Episode One.

22 09 2006

Anyone overjoyed at the first episode of the season?

I can’t really say that I was, though I enjoyed it, I think I was expecting some great and explosive season premiere that I was a little bit let down.

But whatever, I’m over it…Dr. Derek “McDreamy” Sheppard more than made up for my lack of excitement while finally watching the show with his little speech at the end of the episode when he was finally allowed to leave the Quarantine Locker Room with George and go home.

My favorite part of the whole episode was all of the scenes with McDreamy in it. He’s not hiding behind his feelings anymore, he’s not hiding behind his marriage to Addison (aka the wrong choice), he knows what he wants and he’s tired of hiding from it. That’s what I’m talking about, we’re on our road now…back to Mer/Der Highway….YAY.

Now on to my thoughts on EVERYTHING that happened last night.

Bailey/Omar- This was a very emotional story, or so it was for Omar and was it just me or was Bailey kind of hoping to save this man, and keep him all for herself? I can see her wanting to be there for him as a Doctor, but her attachment to him and his case looked kinda personal to me…The way she wanted to run right in there and catch whatever it was that he had, not thinking about the baby she just had last season or her health made me raise my eyebrows, it was cool to see Bailey not acting like the Nazi, but I can’t be having this emotional Bailey ALL season long, come on now, I want the Nazi back dammit!

The Chief/Adele- How many of you guys think that The Chief isn’t going to choose his wife? I think he’s just as dumb as McDreamy was last season. He chose wrong too, which is why he’s so attached to the hospital because as long as he has the hospital to hide out at, he doesn’t have time to roam the halls of his own home and spend time with the woman he chose, because he was in love with Meredith’s Mom and he knows he didn’t choose love…And now she knows, the poor woman, all devoted to a man who doesn’t even return the same kind of love she needs and deserves.

Callie/George- Okay does anyone else like this couple? This couple makes me laugh when I see it. Remember when George, tiny ol’ George had Callie “crushed” against the wall in last season’s season finale? Did anyone laugh at that? I totally did and when I saw them again last night, I laughed myself silly again. They’re just not suited for each other, they don’t look good together, the casting director needs to find someone more suited to being with George. That she loves him and he’s so unsure of it and such a wimp to NOT say anything is getting old and it’s only like the third episode that we see all this and it already bothers me…please find George a new woman.

Although, I did think that Callie was cool to come and cook for the shivah (is that how you spell it? Any Jews out there that can help me out, feel free to! ), although what the hell was she making? What the hell kind of gravy was that and what was she putting it on? I didn’t see no rice and no meat, do Doctor’s not eat meat? There should’ve been some meat to go with her damn gravy or whatever the hell she was making. I think she’s a cool person but she’s not good for George. I think George knows it.

Izzie- Yeah, I don’t feel anything or have any thoughts on her since I’m still pissed to high heaven for the heart she STOLE for Denny, she deserves what she gets from here on out, but do you guys think she’ll be let back into the program? What do you guys think she’ll do now that she’s out of the program? I don’t know what she’ll do but maybe she should go back to being an underwear model…LOL.

Meredith/McVet- This guy needs to just leave. On the Grey’s Anatomy Insider blog, someone said, “Meredith can be sweet and all – but between the hysterics, and obvious parallel, over Doc being put to sleep and then, you know, the sex with Derek at the prom, it’s obvious where this doctor’s heart lies. Stevie Wonder has 20/20 vision compared to you, Finn. Find a girl that appreciates you.” I completely agree.

George/McDreamy- When they’re stowed away in the locker room and they’re eating everyone’s food in their lockers and McDreamy is being all cutesy and what not, I liked seeing him hang out with George, even if he was forced to do it. I liked seeing George freak out over the plague and seeing McDreamy all calm as can be. I enjoyed their talks and I enjoyed seeing Derek realize what he was finally going to say to Meredith once he saw her. I just enjoy him, big stupid head and all.

Meredith/Derek- *sigh* Finally…the words have been spoken. The feelings are out in the open, Derek’s speech was a long time coming and I thought it was extremely sweet. The, “You have a choice to make, the last time it was me and I chose wrong” Awwww, how can you NOT help but sigh, finally we’re on our way….to a happier Meredith and a sexier McDreamy.

So, what did you guys think? Was it all that you hoped for or were you a little let down? Any thoughts?




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