A Great Big Warm Coffee House Banter Welcome…

27 09 2006

…to two very special readers, one I can’t be sure of but the other I KNOW you’re out there reading everything I’m writing, so I wanted to officially welcome you to my blog, you nosy no good liar person.

So please, dear readers, help me welcome this new reader into our midst.

I’ll get back to you guys on the second reader, once I’m POSITIVE she’s out there, but in the meantime, let’s all put our hands together and welcome my lovely and very prettyful sister, Delene.

Alright, scratch that, I know Blanche doesn’t know about the blog, all those work computers visiting my site was only me. But you, Delene have confirmed that Blanche doesnt know about the blog on the phone right now, so the rest of this post is for you only (well and the other readers out there who care to read this too!)

Come on now, I know you’re out there, because my best friend, site meter told me. So HA! I caught you! How did you know about this? Who told you? Are you going to comment with the other readers or are you going to call me and yell at me, does Blanche know about this as well? I’m not so worried about you since everything you read here, I already tell you about, but if you dare tell Blanche that I stole her slippers and hid them under my desk here at work, then I’m going to tell Dad to ask you for golf money this weekend and you know a simple request for golf money will turn into a request for the use of your car this weekend or better yet, for you to RENT him a car this weekend, HAHAHA.

So, Delene…I’m putting you on blast and that’s what you get for reading my blog on the sly without telling me, but first things first, how did you find out about this? Did Pete tell you? I swear I’m going to kick him.

But aside from all that,




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