Another Day, Another TV Show Premiere.

27 09 2006


Tonight is One Tree Hill time for me. I’ve watched this religiously since the debut, was it 3 years ago? Holy Gigantic, that’s a long time.

Tonight is the night where we find out if Cooper and Nathan survive being thrown into the river (Cooper) and jumping into the river (Nathan) and then hopefully we find out who else is pregnant besides Karen. Gosh, I hope it’s not Brooke, because if it’s Lucas’ baby, he’s going to be honorbound to stick by Brooke’s side. And if that happens, I’m gonna shoot the writers of this show. Since I haven’t seen any of the shows, I’m going to give the writers the benefit of the doubt because if what I’ve heard about Peyton having a new love interest this season, it’ll be enough to drive me absolutely bonkers.

All the hinting that Peyton is going to come around and get with Lucas, that they’ll finally get their chance to see what a relationhship between them two can be like, before her evil whore of a best friend (yes I mean Brooke, Grace) got her filthy paws on him and changed him from the Lucas we knew and loved in the first season, for them to just discard that notion and give her a new love interest seriously pisses me off. Although I wouldn’t mind a love triangle where it’s finally Peyton that has to choose between Lucas and someone else wouldn’t be a bad thing at all. Let Lucas sweat it out a little bit.

I know that Lucas and Peyton belong together, even Peyton knows it and so does Jake. Now we’re all just patiently waiting for Lucas to realize it as well.

Lucas is Peyton’s lobster, don’t get it twisted.

Things that I’m looking forward to this season on One Tree Hill:

  • If Karen actually lets Dan’s loser ass help her raise her and KEITH’S baby. Oh gosh, if she does, she’s an even stupider woman than I thought when she let Andy walk out of her life (remember Andy? The cutie guy from New freakin’ Zealand? The very RICH Andy from New Zealand? Ugh.), because to let the man she holds responsible for Keith’s death (HE DID KILL KEITH, KAREN, by all that’s holy I hope you find that out this season, which I’m sure you will)
  • What happens between Nathan and Haley this season. They are too cute and I just hope that through this season, they’ll continue to be just as sweet and cute as ALWAYS, this is the couple that NEEDS to stay together or I’ll be one angry viewer.
  • Who Mouth ends up with. And it better not be Rachel or Peyton. I don’t want him with Rachel because she’s a loser just like Dan. And it better not be Peyton because I heard that Peytons going to have a new love interest and on the show, Peyton hasn’t been with Mouth yet. LOL.
  • How Mouth knows about Dan killing Keith. I heard that Mouth is the one that painted Dan’s wall, so it said, “KILLER” or whatever it said, but I want to know how he knows and why he’s kept quiet this whole time.
  • Lucas and Brooke break up. I want to see this so that Lucas will be free to pursue his lobster, Peyton.
  • Who’s pregnant? Only because I’m nosy like that.

Tonight is the night that I’ll be on my way to finding out all of my answers, Grace get your stuff together because tonight is a big night for the both of us! One Tree Hill is back bitches, YAY!




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