One Tree Hill: Season Four, Episode One.

28 09 2006


Cryin’ all night in a flippin’ bucket.

If you haven’t watched the show and are planning on watching it and you don’t want to read any spoilers, then you might as well skip this entire post and wait until you’ve seen the episode because there’s gonna be hella spoilers in this post, so this is your warning.

No, I’m serious…I’m going to spoil the hell out of the first episode of One Tree Hill, so if you didn’t watch it, don’t read any further, because you’re going to hate me after you read it, since you didn’t watch it and I’m just over here ruining everything for you left, right and center.

Before you read any further you make sure that this is what you want to do, you want to indeed spoil everything for yourself by reading this post, because I’m not going to hold anything back, I swear it on everything that I hold dear, I’m going to get spoiler happy in this post, so this is your very last warning.

Stay far, far away if you don’t want to read any spoilers, because you have been warned.

Now on with my rant…


Of all the damn people on the show to make pregnant, you gotta make it Brooke “I’m a hoe” Davis. You couldn’t just let them part ways amicably (for the most part) and just be done with each other, free to pursue other avenues of happiness, huh? You just couldn’t do it, right? No way in Hell, could Brooke and Lucas just BE DONE WITH EACH OTHER. Oh no, you gotta throw Brooke into the same kind of situation that Lucas’ own mother was thrown into when she was in High School, with a twist, because though Karen was in love with Dan, Dan wasn’t in love with her, Dan was the one that left Karen stranded, in this case, it’s Brooke who doesn’t love Lucas back (what a load of horse shit) and it’s Brooke who leaves Lucas, BEFORE she finds out that she’s pregnant with HIS child. And who does she turn to, to go with her through all of this? LUCAS’ BEST FRIEND. Oh yeah that’s right, you don’t have a best friend anymore, because you slapped the shit out of her because she dared to have feelings for the man that YOU stole from her in the first place. She had deeper feelings for Lucas than you ever had with him and yet she bowed out and let you have him. Even though she was desperately in love with him, even though of everyone AT Tree Hill High, including YOU, he was the only person who really understood her, and still wanted to be with her.

But because she wasn’t fast enough, you snatched up the man she was destined to be with and now you’ve ruined him. You’ve ruined the Lucas Scott that we all knew and loved back when he was just, Lucas Scott. Now, he’s this other person, who forgets that he loves to read, forgets that he had feelings for Peyton.


I’m pissed the hell off that the writers have made Brooke pregnant, because that throws a serious rock in the whole Lucas and Peyton getting together and then she went with frickin’ HALEY to the Dr. Office? And you know what I found funny about last night’s episode though, is when Brooke goes to Haley’s to see if she’ll go with her to the Dr. Office, Haley’s already in bed, and it’s night time and Brooke herself says, “I know it’s late and everything but …” So it’s NIGHT TIME and yet the Doctor’s Office is open and she has a Dr. Appointment at night time, because it’s late and all that, and even Karen’s at the Dr. Office getting her little appointment on as well…what is up with that? They have a 24 Hour Doctor’s Office in Tree Hill? LOL…I need to move there then.

Alright, so Peyton has a brother and holy hell, is that him stalking her on her podcast thingy? His name is Derek. I wonder if he’s cute? I hope he is. I hope he isn’t some crazy psycho stalker guy either. It should get interesting for Peyton, to find her brother with the help of…LUCAS, hello?? Can’t have Peyton going on adventures without Captain Save a Hoe. Captain Lucas has to be close at hand to wield his massive sword should Peyton need any rescuing. Can’t wait for this storyline to take off.

Dan and Deb are funny. They’re so funny, they’re stupid. Now Deb is pulling a drug addict role and she’s prepping herself to be a what? Bounty Hunter? To take Dan down? She better not fail this time because Dan is armed and ready to blast her ass to the grass. Oh gosh, these two are so retarded. Poor Nathan, to have the stupidest parents on the face of the Earth. When Dan asks Deb for a minute alone and then nails her ass to the wall, holy shit that was so stupid, it was hysterical. I’m still laughing at how dumb he looked, frickin’ Dan.

And Dirty Dan trying to get at Karen again? What is up with that nonsense? Karen better not succumb to his dirty ass or this show is going straight to the gutter.

I hecka loved seeing Naley again, gosh I love these two…this is the Christina and Burke of this show, they need to stay together and they need to make it last forever, just like Keith Sweat sang. So Nathan didn’t save anyone, Cooper did and now he’s dying because of it? Damn, what a way to go out Cooper. Are you going to die next week?

Rachel is one of the most annoyingly disturbing girls I’ve yet to watch on a television show, she’s almost as crazy and stupid as Dorian on One Life to Live. CRAZY STALKER GIRL ALERT!

So next week, we find out that it was Coop that saved the day, not Nathan and then Rachel goes on some crazy obsessive trip with Nathan and all Hell breaks loose because of it, oh gosh, what a season this is going to be…BRING ON THE DRAMA!

Very good episode last night, I really enjoyed seeing Lucas get back to the Shakespeare loving guy that we know and love, he’s coming back ya’ll. I wonder though, when and how he’s going to find out about Brooke and I wonder what Brooke is going to do now that it’s confirmed that she is indeed pregnant. Even though it pisses me off to no end, I can see why they felt they had to do it, hello, the drama factor. But I still don’t like it, not one bit, stupid assmunch writers!

Gosh, it’s so good to have this show back, I’ve missed the hell out of my Lucas! Can’t wait for next week, WOO HOO! So…Who watched it last night? What storylines are you looking forward to? I know Nicole didn’t watch it, and this is your NEENER NEENER…I did and I LOVED it! haha.

Until next week.




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21 12 2007

well i love this soap. i cant wait until the rest of season four comes out. i doubt love can realy come true like it does in the shows but i do no that drama does…i am hoping to find someone special that i can trust!!and chad michal murry u r real hot i wish i could be a soap star just to meet u…

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