Which Wallflower are YOU?

28 09 2006

So, I’m reading the Wallflowers Series by Lisa Kleypas, which has been pimped to me for so long and by so many people that I can’t even remember who pimped it to me first, a good friend of mine named Patti mailed these books to me so I’m FINALLY reading them and gosh do I enjoy this series.

A whole lot.

This series is about 4 young women who sit on the sidelines at all the balls decorating the walls with their presense, women who have empty dance cards and no offers for marriage. Each woman wants to get married but with no offers and different plights, they decide that they’re going to help each other out. They band together and swear to help each other get married, by any means necessary.

I love it! Each woman has something different to bring to the friendship table and it’s so fun to get to know these Wallflowers, a term they have named their little circle of friends. There’s beautiful and outrageously poor Annabelle, who’s Father died, leaving their family penniless. Then there’s feisty, hot headed American heiress, Lillian Bowman and her younger sister, Daisy who is the funniest one of the bunch. I love reading about Daisy. She’s a hoot. And then there’s shy and reserved Evangeline Jenner, known to everyone as Evie.

They have all sworn to help each other get married. And Annabelle was first since she was the oldest.

My question to my romance reading buddies is twofold, which Wallflower are YOU most like? And which Wallflower is your favorite?

The Wallflower that I am most like also happens to be my favorite Wallflower. And that’s Daisy Bowman. She’s such a simple young naive woman that has such a quick wit and is just too funny for her own good. She’s caring and she loyal to her friends and most especially her sister, even when her sister is being a beast, she sticks by her sister because she’s loyal. I love that about her.

I identify with her the most because of her personality. She finds the good in everything, which is something that I try to do (regardless of how many times I gripe and bitch about stuff on this here blog, LOL) everyday. She’s also got this inner strength that I just absolutely adore. Each scene with her in it, totally makes her more and more likeable to me. I’m seriously biting at the bit to read her happy ending, if ever anyone needed one, it’s Daisy Bowman, mostly because I want that for her.

My favorite scene with Daisy, well one of many I’m sure is the one scene in It Happened One Autumn when the Wallflowers all get together after doing their little experiment with Lillian’s perfume and it works wonders with Annabelle and Simon and then again with Lord Westcliff and Lillian.

This scene:

“You’re sure it was the perfume?” Lillian asked. “Perhaps something else set him off–“

“It was the perfume,” Annabelle said unequivocally.

Evie broke in, looking puzzled. “But wh-why didn’t it stir Lord Westcliff when you wore it? Why did it affect only your husband, and n-no one else?”

“And why didn’t anyone take notice of Evie or me?” Daisy asked, disgruntled.

Oh gosh, you’ll have to read the entire book to get the drift of that scene, but that scene had me crackin’ the hell up last night while I was reading it and there are plenty others with Daisy that I just absolutely love.

I’m really enjoying It Happened One Autumn but I had to ask and find out which Wallflower is the most favored amongst us Romance Reading Bloggers.

So who is YOUR favorite Wallflower and why?




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