Grey’s Anatomy: Season Three, Episode Two.

29 09 2006


As one of my very good friends would say, “NOW THAT’S WASSUP!” (Love you, McCreamy! LOL) Was that show not the shit last night or what? And I might be talking about the last two minutes of the show when McSteamy came out of the bathroom with an itty bitty towel causing a party in my pants! Damn, that was the shit because you know that Addison wanted a sort of confrontation like that. When she invites Derek into her hotel room and he’s all going on about how sad everything is and then BLIZAM! Mark walks out of the bathroom looking so fresh and so clean clean in his itty bitty towel covering the very part of him that the party in my pants is calling for! WOO HOO! Now…THAT’S WASSUP!

Damn, damn, damn…and we’re getting more of McSteamy next week? I hope that the Gods are listening to my fervent prayers of adding McSteamy as a regular on the show, I know it’s unlikely but that doesn’t stop me from praying for it. I can just see all the drama he could bring to the show with his sexy back…YEAH.

Okay now on to Meredith and her stupid coin toss. The bitch needs to get slapped upside her stupid idiotic head. (Although I really like her hair this season, it looks better than the crap of locks she was sportin’ last season, all limp and flat) THERE IS NO CHOICE for you, you’ve made your choice already. You LIKE Finn, but you LOVE Derek, why are you frontin’ for? You’re only putting off the decision and you know good and damn well that you have chosen Derek. HE’S YOU EFFING LOBSTER, you stupid shit for brains Intern. Gosh, she aggravates me with all this I can’t make a damn decision, because she’s such a lying little tramp! 2 episodes down and 4 more to go and then Finn is OUT OF HERE, at least he better be. Or I’m bout to unleash that fury that is Ghetto Barbie! LOL.

Izzie and all of her damn cupcakes was so the business, okay not really but still I’d rather watch her make all those yummy cupcakes (that are no where near as bomb as mine are thank you very much, haha) instead of lying on the damn floor in her tired ol’ prom dress (which I thought was really pretty the first day she wore it). So, next week she goes back to see The Chief to get her spot on the program back, huh? *rolls eyes* Handle that, Izziestoleaheartandkilledherfiance Heffalump, do the damn thing.

Bailey, I wasn’t aware that you had gone soft but you are right, Bailey. You kinda sorta did go a little soft but that’s okay, now that you’re back, angry as ever…I can forgive you for anything. I love when you’re the Nazi.

Alex and the Cancer patient was a riot. She was a bit old for Alex don’t you think? But hot damn, who cares, I don’t know if it’s his hair cut or what, but Crap in the Pants! that man is frickin’ hot. I love me some Alex Karev. I love how he’s so damn retarded socially, I love how he never backs down from anyone and I just love how he’s such a Billy Bad Ass, he’s so the bomb…love him!

George and Callie, you know they’re starting to grow on me…well, not really but I like Callie. I just dont like seeing her overwhelm George with all of her gooeyness. She’s the bomb DOT com though, I love her personality and when she’s all getting down in her little closet room with her stunna shades on, I was like, “Hey, get it, get it”, she’s cute. So, now she’s moving in with George and all them? How quaint. haha…yeah right again. But, yeah I like these two.

Christina cracks me up, what a stripper girl she’s turned in to. I love it! It was weird though to see her so unsure of herself around Burke’s Mom, but yeah that’s just whatever for me…I aint mad at the Mom though, SOMEONE’S gotta be there for Burke and well, until Christina can make up her damn mind about what kind of girlfriend she wants to be for Burke, then his Mama will have to do…because Mama Burke don’t mess around. haha.

This show was heaps better than last week’s show and I’m already looking forward to next week, BRING ON THE MCSTEAMY!

What did you guys think? Hey Canada peeps, did they get it right this week? haha. HUGS!




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