Movies That Always Make Me Cry.

2 10 2006

Last week, over at Izzy’s blog, All About Me, she had a post up for Tearjerkers. The movies that always make her cry. She also asked us readers, what movies always make us cry, so I’m finally going to do it, so this one’s for you, Izzy.

There are a quite a few movies that I always cry in…so this might be a long post. 😉 So anyway, on with the list.

1.The Notebook.

I think this is going to be on EVERYONE’S list, if this movie didn’t make you cry then you have no heart or you weren’t paying attention AT all throughout the movie. I just love this movie to pieces because it shows the growth of Allie and Noah’s relationship, it shows that true love really does beat out all odds and it shows how long true love really lasts….forever. You’ll never really get over your first love and I’m so glad that Noah and Allie finally got it right. That line at the end when Noah is yelling at Allie to choose, asking her to forget about what everyone else wants, not Lon, her parents, him, just for one second, picture your life in ten years, what do you see? If it’s him, then go, I lost you once, I can do it again, but if it’s him…SWOON! Love it and LOVE HIM! Ryan Gossling was the PERFECT Noah Calhoun in my opinion, he made me swoon with that red blanket, love him!

2. A Walk to Remember

This movie made me cry buckets. The whole story of Landon Carter and Jamie Sullivan is one that I’ll always remember as being one of the most loveliest and yet sad love stories ever. This was such a great movie, to see Landon fall for the quiet and bookworm, Jamie, who told him that before they could start up a friendship, that he was at no point to fall in love with her….and what did he do? He went and fell in love with her anyway. This story was well written and just in your face, GREAT! The things Landon did for Jamie, how he fulfilled everything that he could on Jamie’s list, the whole be in two places at once was such a good thing and their wedding? Awwwwww and Oooh, what about the play, when he found out he had great feelings for her, after she sang, Only Hope and he just went in and kissed her. SO GOOD! This movie is a definite tear jerker for me!

3. Armageddon

This movie is one of those movies that always stayed with me, long after the movie ended, I was still bawling up a storm. I remember, I rented this movie with my sister, Helen and we sat there with not kleenex but full out bath towels, that’s how much we cried throughout this movie. At the end when AJ picks the short stick and he has to stay behind, how Harry pushes AJ out at the last minute, sacrificing himself so that AJ can go back home and take care of his daughter? Oh gosh, SOB! It was just so sad and then the good service he did, saved the entire planet, oh now that’s some serious heroic shit right there, just effing love it! This will always be a favorite of mine, because I’m a sap and CRY every time…and I like movies that make me cry. haha.

4. Love, Actually

This movie, with all of it’s storylines that blend together, ALWAYS makes me cry. But mainly at Mark’s storyline. The one where we think he’s gay but he’s not really, he’s just in love with his best friend’s wife. Oh gosh, when we find out that he’s NOT gay but in love with Juliet, the way she finds out, when she storms into his house and offers him pie in exchange for the video from her wedding and how he’s trying to tell her that he taped over his tape of her wedding with the West Wing and then she puts it in anyway and it’s all of her…all stalkerish and sweet but still so cute. And then how he just leaves her at the house and walks out and then Dido’s song comes on and your heart hurts for him and then later on, you see him with his cards as he goes up to her house and tells her that his wasted heart will love her until she looks like the ugly mummy in the picture…how he tells her the way he feels about her without hope or agenda, because its Christmas and you always tell the truth at Christmas, oh this always gets me bawling like the sap that I am…just love it!

Oh crap, I can’t think of another movie that made me bawl my eyes out so I’ll have to edit this when I think of a fifth one…so stay tuned, but all my friends who haven’t done this, and want to do it…make a list, so I can see…(you know, you guys out there, Supastar, Nets, all of you guys out there!) What movies made you cry your eyes out?




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