Prison Break: Season Two, Episode Seven.

2 10 2006

Again, I say it…NOW, THAT’S WASSUP!

I knew Tweener wouldn’t be the one to betray them, I knew it…I had faith in him and he didn’t let me down, THANK YOU SWEET TWEENER! Me, calling Tweener sweet? Where did that nonsense come from? But even before he showed up at the WRONG house on purpose and kept the guys safe from the Feds, I told my niece, Chloe that he was going to sacrifice himself for the squad. I knew that it was going to be Sucre that betrayed them, I just knew it. He’s emotional and he’s done with EVERYONE, because he trusts NO ONE, well now buddy boy, that’s going to kick you in the ass, because do you seriously think that everyone in the “crew” is going to let you go away peacefully? Yeah the hell right, you dirty dirty man, you just crossed the line and they will not rest until they pay you back for the crap you pulled last night.

The way Tweener went out, *sigh* I felt really bad, because he didn’t turn into a big rat, those days were over for him, he went out like a true soldier…a soldier fighting on the wrong side of the line, but still…I forgive you, Tweener for all the wrong you did last season that caused me to hate your ass, I don’t hate you anymore…thanks for your sacrifice! As for the asshat that killed you, oh I will pray extra hard that he gets what’s coming to his crooked ass, oh please believe this!

Sucre, you’re next in line to get taken down….by who’s hand will it be? One of the Fox River 8 or the Feds, we’ll just have to wait and see.

I liked you, Sucre..I really did, why did you have to turn on the one person that helped you out the most of everyone, why did you turn your back on Michael? Huh, WHY, WHY YOU STUPID PRICK! I’m so pissed off at you right now, GOSH!

Another person that I’m pissed off at, is Lincoln. After everything that Michael did for you, for you to desert him the way you did last night, pissed me the hell off and made me want you to get caught, well only just a little bit because you are one ungrateful big piece of shit. You couldn’t just let Michael take care of things, you have to go running head straight into the danger that the Feds and Secret Service are setting up for your ass, if you get caught, it’ll be no ones fault but your own, and then where will you be to help LJ? NOWHERE YOU ASSWIPE because you’ll be BACK BEHIND BARS, you stupid dipshit!

Who the hell has Sarah? Oh gosh, Michael you need to go get her and keep her safe because now she has NO ONE on her side…her father dying the way he did, HOLY CRAP IN THE PANTS, dun dun DAHHHHHHHH….gosh, that was some stuff right there. I mean, the President is just getting dirtier and dirtier…dammit to hell and back, gosh this is going to be hella hard striking back at her, but if anyone could do it, it’d be Michael.

What I want to know though is Mahone…what is his deal in all of this? Why is he so gung ho about getting the Foxriver 8? It’s more than a little bit obvious that he’s got some dirty hidden agenda, but what is it? Why is it so important for him to get these guys? It’s not about getting the bad guys with him, it’s a whole lot more personal than all that, but my question is Why? Why is it so important to catch Scofield and Lincoln? WHO THE HELL ARE YOU SHIT?

And where the hell is their Father? Michael and Lincoln’s Father, didn’t he have something to do with why the higher ups in the government framed Lincoln in the first place? So where is this punk of a Father who caused all of this in the first place? That’s what I want to know.

Gosh, I can’t wait until next week to see what happens to EVERYONE, because the score is now, 2 down, 6 more to go…Holy hot damn!




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