MTV’s Parental Control.

3 10 2006

So, MTV has this one show called, Parental Control.

It’s a show where parents get to choose another boyfriend or girlfriend for their offspring to go out with in hopes of replacing the present boyfriend or girlfriend that they already have.

The Parents each pick one person for their child to go out with, and the show is spent following the parent’s kid on two dates with the people that the parents picked. They go through all of this because the parents don’t want their child to be with whoever they’re with at the moment….for many different reasons, some because the boyfriend and girlfriend are outright mean and cruel to their child, some because the boyfriend or girlfriend take their child for granted, others because they’re disrespectful to the parents and the parents don’t want to deal with them anymore, all of the parents think that their kids can do way better choosing a partner to spend their time with than the people they’re with. It’s supposed to be funny, I guess but I have watched this show a number of times, because my nieces like to watch this stupid show.

After every show that I watch, I find it more and more unappealing and it leaves me seething mad at the CHILDREN in this show.

Your parents don’t like your boyfriend or girlfriend? What’s new?

What I find disturbing is how rude and disrespectful these kids are to their girlfriends or boyfriends parents. Some of the things that are said to the parents, the names that the parents are called, TO THEIR FACES, makes me wonder why in hell these kids would want to be with someone who calls their Mom a bitch or other inappropriate names. I don’t understand how ANYONE can love or BE IN LOVE with someone who talks back to their own Mom and Dad and who has no respect at all for their very own parents?

It’s one thing to not like your parents, but it’s an entirely different thing when your boyfriend or girlfriend is outright mean to your parents. What happened to respecting your elders? What happened to loving your parents enough to stand up to whoever it trash talking them? Regardless of how you feel about your parents, that’s your family…you don’t let ANYONE call them names or talk bad about them. Aiga (which is family in Samoan) is a big thing to me, I’m VERY family oriented and for me to sit here and watch this show makes me so bloody pissed off that I always yell at my nieces for watching this stupid show. I mean, what happened to wanting to be with someone because of the way they treat their Mothers? If they’re outright mean to your Mother, how do you think they treat THEIR Mothers? It can’t be good.

I mean, this is taking the whole Bad Boy thing to another level. Because if someone so much as raised their voice at my Mom in a disrespectful tone, please believe, we’d be scrappin’. You don’t raise your voice at my Mom, nor do you call her any kind of names, that’s enough for me to whip out a can of WHOOP ASS and kick your hot damn tail. No one disrespects my Mom without a tongue lashing or if you’re a girl, a sound thrashing from me.

It just isn’t done, which makes me all the more pissed off that these little shits let these kinds of things slip with their boyfriends/girlfriends about their parents. Someone needs to whip all of their collective asses and be done with their stupid selves!

What is this world coming to, I ask?




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