I’m a Horrible Aunt.

4 10 2006

Yesterday, my Dad asked me to go with him to the Cingular store to look at phones because his phone sucks, so I agreed. He said he’d come pick me up and I waited at the house for him to arrive. He was at the store when he called me and he had my 4 year old nephew, Chase with him. They had just left the store and he bought Chase, A Crocodile Hunter tape, yes, a tape, as in VHS, yeah my Dad isn’t hip to DVD’s yet, he’s still using his VCR proudly…haha. So anyway, Chase wanted to go with us to the store, so I let him.

We’re on our way to the Cingular Store and Chase is going on and on about his Crocodile Hunter Tape, he’s in 7th Heaven with the tape in the back seat. Here’s what our conversation sounded like:

Chase: “Aunty Wena, Papa buyed me Crocodile Hunter, he’s the best!”
Me: “Oh really? Let me see?”

He shows me his Tape. I smile at him.

Me: Oh, is that Crocodile Hunter? He died.

Chase just looks at me, with a curious expression on his face.

Chase: “He’s not dead, he’s right here.” (pointing at the tape)
Me: “Nope, he died, a sting ray pierced him in the heart and now he’s all dead.”

He didn’t say anything, he changed the subject. So later on last night, he watched the tape with his sister, Cheridan and then he asks me if he can sleep with me (which is an every night occurence, I swear, ugh!) I told him, okay…so I scooch over to make room for him and up he jumps, he still has his tape in his arms so I let him bring Crocodile Hunter to bed with us too. I turn over and am reading a little bit, when about twenty minutes later I hear him start singing, I don’t know what the hell he’s singing, but he’s singing something, I turn over to look at him and there he is, hugging his Crocodile Hunter VHS, singing, “It’s okay Steve, it’s okay”

I nudged him and asked him what he’s doing and he turns over and looks at me, he’s got tears streaming down his face and he says to me, “Aunty, Steve is dead, he’s dead Aunty!”

And damned if he didn’t cry all over me. What the heck did I do to this poor boy? Ugh, I’m the worst Aunt ever…I should’ve just kept my mouth shut. So, this morning I’m telling my sister about it and she starts laughing, and then we go to check on Chase, who is still sleeping…with Steve Irwin’s tape tucked under his pillow. Oh gosh, I should’ve taken a picture of it, but my camera is being funky right now, it was the cutest thing. His hand was all touching the tape…as if to make sure it was still there.

I’ve scarred the boy.




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