Movie Review: The Last Kiss.

5 10 2006

Starring: Zach Braff, Rachel Bilson, Jacinda Barret, Casey Affleck and a bunch of other guys.
Rating: R
Running Time: 1 hr, 43 mins
Dylan’s Grade: C-

A group of 30 year-olds struggle to adapt to adulthood while their aging parents face middle age.

Okay so I dragged Mulu to see this movie with me last week because I thought I was really going to like this movie and though it was a good movie, it’s yet again, one of those “meh” movies. It wasn’t the best movie I’ve seen, it wasn’t even that good of a movie, for me. I sympathized with some of the characters, but not enough to really care much for the movie.

You see, this movie is about a group of 30 year olds and the choices they make in their different situations. You have, Michael and Jenna, who have been together for 3 years, they’re both living together and are doing well individually and they’re also having a baby. She wants to get married and he’s scared about “growing up” and being cornered into marriage. Then he meets a college girl (Rachel Bilson) who captures his attention, he likes her and she likes him and he’s thrown into this new dillemna, does he cheat on his girlfriend or not?

You have another guy, I forget his name, was it Chris? Well anyway, it’s Casey Affleck’s character, who is married with a kid, he’s not getting along with his wife at all and he’s so fed up with her that he’s thinking of leaving her, but she’s so psychotic that she’ll probably keep him away from his baby. They’re both just so unhappy and he’s wondering if any of the trouble he goes through with his wife is worth staying in the marriage for the kid. So we see his struggle to fix his life.

Then there’s the guy, Izzie (I know weird name for a guy, what’s Izzie short for? Isaballs? LOL) who was dumped by his girlfriend, who was his high school sweetheart, he’d been with her for so long and she wanted something new, so she broke up with him and we see his struggle to find himself as a single person and not as part of a couple. It aint pretty, let me tell you that.

Then there’s the playboy guy that I didn’t think was all that at all. His name is Kenny and he’s the 30 year old bachelor, scewing a new girl every night and living like he’s some young stud. Steering clear of any kind of attachment, girlfriends, wives, all that nonsense. His storyline was more funny then anything else and well, it was brief, so his was cool, I guess.

They each have decisions to make, things they need to do and this movie I guess is supposed to show us their decisions and the repercussions of their decisions and what not…as a whole, this movie was good, I enjoyed the different storylines but there were times when it dragged and I became preoccupied thinking of the things I needed to get done at work, at home, there was even a few parts in the movie where I was trying to figure out some different drills for my soccer practice, so you can tell that this movie didn’t really capture my whole attention, so yeah, this movie was okay. Very average, for me.




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