I’m Not Feeling The Love Around Here…

6 10 2006

The other day, I worked through my lunch hour because lately I’ve been leaving work early for soccer practice, so by 4 o’clock, I was tired and extremely hungry, since I didn’t take the time to go grab something to eat.

So as I was slaving away in my office, trying to get some contract closeouts taken care of, my friend Sharon comes into my office and asks me if I’m going to the party. I gave her a blank look because I had no idea what the hell she was talking about. She goes on to tell me about the invitation that B (our friend) sent out the day before.

I guess it was The Big Boss’s birthday yesterday and she was holding a little cake and ice cream social in the small conference room for him. I didn’t get the memo. No, seriously. I didn’t get the memo. So, as people start gathering in crowds outside of my office, laughing and joking around, I call my sister to see if she was invited to the ice cream birthday and sure enough, she was. By this time, like fifteen minutes have passed and my friend, Sharon is telling me to just come and have some cake, who cares if I didn’t get invited, Ummm, yeah right, I’m not going to crash the big bosses ice cream social, so there I am, sitting in my office while Sharon leaves still on the phone with my sister, who leaves work at 2pm, so though she was invited, she didn’t go because she had already left for the day. I swear to you guys, she invited the whole damn building because I heard so many different coversations going on and it was pretty loud and I saw so many people walking past my door to the “party”, stupid bitches.

So while everyone is sitting in the conference room which is three doors down from mine, singing happy birthday and laughing and being merry, I’m sitting in my office furiously looking through my Inbox to make sure that I didn’t miss the damn invitation, but sure as certain there’s no damn memo in my inbox that invites me to the little shin dig down the hallway. And everyone was invited, everyone in my department was there, my sister who gets off at 2pm was invited, her loud ass friend that sits next to her, even the receptionist downstairs was invited and not me.

Ugh, I’m SO not feeling the love in this office right now.

So about twenty minutes later, I get an email from my friend, Sharon who forwards the invitation to me and just as I knew it, my name isn’t on there, dammit. Sharon then tells me that I didn’t miss anything and the cake sucked, but still my feelings were hurt.

So, to make things all better, Mulu picked me up and treated me to dinner…with dessert. She’s the best best friend, EVER! And our cake was MUCH better than her stale ass carrot cake ANYWAY.

I’m so never going to proofread her emails anymore…she can damn well do them herself.




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