My Weekend.

9 10 2006

This weekend, my team lost again. But, I’m not too worried about the loss, since it was ONE girl that didn’t listen to a thing we practiced last week and I know that the other girls were really mad at her for the loss, so I know they’ll work even harder next week to get a win. Yes, the problem child was Meghan. Ugh, she’s so damn lazy and if I didn’t have to play her, then I wouldn’t. She didn’t come to practice at all last week and at the game, she cried about wanting to be the goalie, so I put her in as goalie for the last quarter, thinking she couldn’t wreak havoc in just ten minutes…but I was wrong. She let 4 goals pass by her, didn’t even attempt to catch the balls and we lost, 4-1. She’s lucky I’m a forgiving sort, or I would’ve choked her out. We were winning the entire time and then the four goals were scored and the game ended.

I was only disappointed for my other girls, who wanted the win so badly. Oh well. Better luck next time, the girls had fun though and I’ve got to say, my team is the prettiest of the bunch too, all of the cutie girls are on my time, LOL.

After the games, my sisters and I went to Tiffany’s baby shower, you know the shower for her side of the family, remember from all this drama. Well, that baby shower was this past Saturday and we went to represent our side of the family, since my Mom couldn’t make it. They had palagi food and palagi games, so you know our Samoan asses went to eat AFTER the party AGAIN. LOL. But it was a pretty good turn out, not too big and not too small, ua just right. Pete is a definite keeper to them. They all love him and had nothing but good things to say about my brother. So that was good. When we first got there though, you can tell that the Step Mom was a bit attitudy that we actually showed up, but for the most part she stayed away from us which was fine from us, we weren’t mean or snobbish or anything to her, so her issues are hers alone…we got along famously with Tiffany’s Dad and her real Mom, who drove up from San Diego for the party. She also made sure to tell us that she’s throwing a baby shower for Tiffany on the 29th of October and she won’t take no for an answer, she wants all of us to go to it, she hopes that we will be able to make it. We’re really going to try to get out there, because she was such a sweetheart. We were also a big hit with Tiffany’s grandparents, so all in all, we had a good time. The party was a great success in getting the families together.

After the shower, I went and did a Wal Mart run with my friend, Tita Boom. After that we went and hung out at our friend, Ralph’s house where I made a wrestling match date with his cutie roommate, Patrick (shut up Ralph and Tita, LOL) and then I got the call…from Mulu. Telling me that she’d been in an accident. She was working Saturday and just before she got off, she already got paid and was on her way out when she saw customers walk into the store and usually she would have just let our friend, Deveney take the customers but she didn’t, she walked back into the store to help them and that’s when she heard the big BOOM outside the shop. She didn’t think much of it, helped the customers and then a little bit later, she went to see what all the commotion was outside. She saw a man, cursing up a storm in the middle of the street, his car/minivan head light busted out, and then she saw a big white van speeding away and then she saw her car.

From the back, the car didn’t look beat up at all. But the car was no longer on the street anymore, but up on the sidewalk in the empty lot, sitting on top of the fallen fence, atop the barbed wire. She walked to her car and a chill ran through her, because the front of her car didn’t look as good as the back of the car.

Her drivers side door to her Explorer was smashed all the way to the passenger side door and if she didn’t go back into the shop to help those customers, she would have been INSIDE the car when the accident happened. It gave her a mean scare and by the time she was done giving her statements to the cops, she wanted to go home and go to sleep. The good thing about it all though, was even though it was a hit and run, one of Mulu’s customers chased the run away car and got the lisense plate numbers for Mulu, so that worked out in the end. Her insurance should cover the damages and Mulu will be getting a new car, but we did have a little sighing fest for the lost Explorer, I loved that car and I’m really going to miss it! I’m just really glad that I only lost the car and not the best friend…I don’t want to think about how different my life would be right now if Mulu didn’t go back into the store to help those customers.


She didn’t want us to come to the house to keep her company, she just wanted to go to sleep so we went to the movies and promised to see her the next day at Church and Lilo’s house for dinner. We went to see The Covenant which I enjoyed and will be reviewing within the next couple of days.

Sunday, we had dinner at our friend Lilo’s house and hung out, ate too much and then found some not so nifty things in our friend’s room…things better left unsaid on my blog, but yeah it was soooo not the business! Thanks Ralph, Mulu and Therese for the good times this weekend! B Nice, I hope you had a good weekend in Utah (I know you did but still)…don’t move to Utah, it’s a passing feeling, once the smog settles in your lungs again from being in L.A. you’ll forget all about the clean air in Utah…and you’ll stay here, with us! =)

Oh and Therese, you tell Becca, that she becca shut the hell up! LMAOLMAOLMAO and KP69 is SOOOOO not the business, Ewwwww, stupid bastard with his sweaty wife, poor Courtney! haha.

So all in all, had a few scares this weekend but it was a good weekend. So…What did you guys get into this weekend? Come and share with the class, won’t cha?




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