Where Are They Now?

11 10 2006

Yesterday, I went back to my old high school to watch my niece, Chelsea play volleyball. Her school was holding some kind of big event at North (my old high school) and so I got off of work a little early to go out and support my Mini Me. Ralph, there was some cutie patootie two time Olympian, pro volleyball guy that was there, came to play with the kids and man he was fine, but hell if I remember what his name was, I kept referring to him as Fine Guy then I wondered if you knew him, or of him, he was a cutie patootie.

One of the teachers at Chelsea’s school has a daughter who is a pro beach volleyball player, she’s sponsored by OP, her name is Michelle More (she’s the dark haired one), man she is beautiful and really nice too, she came out to support the kids which I thought was really cool…It was a good turn out, Chelsea’s team sucked ass but that’s okay, it was all just for fun, so it was all good in the hood. Chelsea reminds me of Gumby. Do you remember that cartoon from when we were younger? All tall, lanky and goofy? That’s Chelsea for you…We call her Gumby now, because well, she IS.

However, when I pulled up into the parking lot for North High School, SAXON PRIDE BABY (haha), I was immediately swamped with memories long forgotten from MY days at North. The school has changed considerably since but it still holds so many memories for me.

It was funny because EVERY time I pass by the school, on the side by Yukon, Ralph, I still remember that rainy day that we were waiting for our rides on the side of the school and Ralph, remember when you went running and you slipped in that puddle right next to the bus? Oh gosh, I still laugh at that memory because I remember laughing my ass off at you that day and calling you SAFE and then a couple of days later, it was my turn to fall when I fainted at song practice? Oh gosh, I have so many good memories at that school. But as I was making my way toward Saxon Hall where the games were supposed to be held, I passed by the weight room, where I used to wait for my boyfriend, Devin outside, then I passed the Wrestling Room, where it smelled like dead ass and rotten milk, which is the same exact way it smelled when I used to go inside that stank ass room to watch my friends, Manu and Luke at their wrestling matches. There was the Dance Room, where my old Pep Squad used to practice everyday during 6th period. It was so weird, how I could still picture everything around me as if I was IN high school again and running late, once again for Pep Squad. I could even hear my friends yelling for me to hurry the hell up before we have to run again.

It was crazy.

I was thrown back into time when my world revolved around my two best friends, Sina and Zanaida. We were the three amigos. Just like Rachel, Monica and Phoebe. While I was walking through the quad at North, I remembered one of the very first conversations I had with Zanaida right in front of the cafeteria. It was freshman year, I was the brand spankin’ new girl in school since I had gone to another middle school on the other side of town, so I knew only the people that I went to Church with, hung out with them even though I knew I didn’t really belong with their group. I knew that I had to find my own friends and then I met Zanaida.

She was a pretty girl with a LOUD mouth. She spoke her mind and she didn’t care what anyone thought of her. I admired that in her, I remember the first time I talked to her, she confessed to me that she had a big crush on Nick Judd, who was in my 4th period Spanish Class. She was so “sprung” as we said back then on him that she dedicated that Brandy song to him, “I Wanna Be Down”, oh gosh that one conversation sparked up one of my favorite friendships from high school.

We were really close our freshman year, but we drifted our sophomore year, it wasn’t until our Senior year that we bonded again. We bonded over boys. The two boys that we liked were best friends and so of course, because she shared that in common, we became the best of friends. I have so many good memories with this girl and I remember how every Friday, we used to dress alike, sometimes not on purpose but most of the time, on purpose (I know, we were such dummies!), walking through the halls of North yesterday made me realize that there weren’t many memories that didn’t involve Zanaida in one way or another. She was right there with me when Ralph and David were getting into trouble for their locker escapades, LOL…She was right beside me when me and Devin broke up because of that other girl and I was right there beside her when Jason broke up with her because he had a thing for our other friend, Sina.

I was also right there with her on Graduation Day, with tears in my eyes, hugging the hell out of her because I knew that I would probably never see her again. She was going to Louisiana for college and I was going to get pregnant with Brenna and my life was going to change forever. When we had chances to see each other after high school, she never came and I know it was because not too long after Zanaida went away to college, she found out that Sina and Jason DID get together and I guess, I didn’t blame her from staying away because, Jason WAS her high school sweetheart and Sina WAS her friend. Her very good friend. I knew it must have hurt and we all went our separate ways but I don’t wonder about any other person from my high school the way I wonder how Zanaida is doing.

She’s the one person that I miss from high school with all that I am. We haven’t talked in ages, it’s been years since I’ve seen or heard anything about her, I heard a while ago that she’s living out in San Diego somewhere and she’s the only person that I’d want to call up and go out to dinner, lunch, whatever, just to catch up with eachother’s lives, she was the bomb diggity and I miss her to pieces, which is weird since I was a lot closer to Sina then I was to Zanaida but I don’t often think about Sina (but that’s probably because I still see her crazy ass on myspace), we grew apart, I became a Mom and faced the real world and Sina continued with her party girl ways. Sina’s still with Jason and they have a baby now, but it’s Zanaida that I want to see again.

Do you ever wonder where the friends from your past are and what they’re doing now? Have you ever thought about someone and then tried to find them, just to catch up?




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