Grey’s Anatomy: Season Three, Episode Four.

13 10 2006

Gosh, this show just keeps getting better and better.

Just when you think that it can’t get any better, you watch the next episode and it proves you wrong. Everything is all up in the air right now and there’s just so many emotions, mixed and what not and this episode just left you feeling as though you were mixed up in this wild rollercoaster where they played with your emotions, left you feeling dazed and surprised and all that’s wild and crazy.

Was that something about Izzie and Denny? I mean, his parents thinking that he was dead this whole time, Denny leaving all that money for Izzie? That conversation Izzie had with Denny’s Father was just something else. And watching Izzie as she tried to cope with her feelings for Denny, missing Denny and just seeing her remember Denny while telling his Father was happened while he was with her, I felt it. I felt her sadness, I felt her confusion at everything and I felt all the emotions she was going through and it made me like Izzie a whole lot. It made me forgive her for all the madness that she pissed me off with last season and it made me realize just how pretty she is. She’s freaking gorgeous and I can’t believe that I’m just now noticing it.

Christina and Burke? I’m not sure how I feel about this whole shady, ‘Nobody will know’ business, but I just know that it’s going to come back and bite them in the butt and I know it’s going to make for good drama on the show, so I look forward to what these two will be going through in the coming episodes.

Alex is not the only ass in the hospital now. That’s good to know. Mark is the best ASS in the whole damn city of Seattle. I’m so glad that he’s apart of the show now. He’s going to teach Alex a lot about himself and I look forward to seeing it, because though they’re both the ‘same’ person, they both have good qualitities about them that I like and I look forward to seeing where Alex’s character takes him and then I look forward, very much look forward to getting to know Mark more as well.

Him and Callie? What was that business about? But you know what? I’m not mad about that, I know that I’m in the minority with this, but I like Callie…I feel bad for Callie and think that she deserves to be happy just as much as anyone else does on that show, I hate the way George treated her and though I was never a George and Callie fan, I’m glad that Callie is now free from George because together, they just don’t look good together, he’s too short for her and she’s too big for him. He’s too small to handle someone as big as her. And though Mark is too pretty for her, I’m not mad at all that Callie is going to be getting her rocks off with Mark, hey, do what you want…but if he does go through with it, he can kiss his chances of “starting over” as he wanted too in Seattle.

I do believe that everyone is entitled to a second chance and Mark is no different. I want to see the change in him, I want to see the doctors of Seattle Grace tame him or humanize him because after watching this show, it doesn’t seem like he notices anyone other than himself, he’s so full of himself and though that is a strong plus in my book, since his confidence is so sexy, his attitude is so not the business, he’s an ass to everyone, including Bailey and to see him try to put Bailey in her place, unsuccessfully at that, well he reminds me of Alex and this show will certainly benefit from having two Alex’s go at it trying to be the Billy Bad Ass of the hospital, so that should be loads of fun to watch, woo hoo…bring on the bad asses! I love them both!

Now moving on to Derek’s decision. It made me happy, all gooey inside and just all around happy. He’s putting Meredith first for once and that shows just how serious he is about her happiness. He knows he’s not the best person for her and for him to love her enough to walk away was good, if it was just a technique to win the race of Meredith’s choice, then it certainly worked on me. I would’ve picked him too, so I’m happy that Meredith has finally just made her decision, because when Derek left her, I was all like, “that’s what you get you stupid alduteress whore!” haha. So, the saga of Derek and Meredith continues and she CHOSE DEREK, finally!

That salesguy was something else…the pregnant lady, I wanted to slap her stupid self in the damn face for arguing, it’s like, get over yourself, your life is in danger and the Doctor’s know what the hell they’re talking about, so get over your PLAN and do what they say, you stupid head.

Gosh, the drama continues next week…can’t effing wait.




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